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How To Take Someone Else's Inheritance

Updated on December 14, 2014

I read a hub on how to steal your own family's trust fund

and it inspired me to write this one. There are a lot of ways to manipulate people in the world, but this one is one of the best/worst, depending on who you are. When people are at the end they need some one around 24/7 to help them out. Let's say, you find out a person you know is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The dying person is going to need care, and will not be alive for very much longer. It will help if you are related in some way, but that is not necessary. You are looking for a way in, and this is it. You offer to stay with them until the end. Maybe your ward has strained relationships with their immediate family or is a widow(er), then you might just find it easy to become their "power of attorney".

First, you rush to "your friend's" aid, taking control of the mind of the exhausted associate through influence. Most times, a person that far along is so doped up that they believe any lie you tell them. Thus, you begin encouraging distrust in the rightful heirs, and building your position as confidant. When the family does arrive, you must continue to breed discord and distrust. Even though they are dying, some how they remember that they loved these people once and have a natural instinct to take care of them. In order to succeed, you must destroy this connection at all cost. The laws are set up to protect the family, so you must have full control in order to succeed in this dastardly plan.

Supposing you successfully arrived and planted your seeds of destruction, now you must water them. Encourage conflict at every turn. Use each visitation as a reminder of any pain that the family members have caused them, and encourage the dying person to "stand up" to their family. This will create tension at each meeting, thus reinforcing the reasons why you are the dying person's only "real friend". Use deception and lies to manipulate those in the family who see through you, and waltz your way to the bank. If you have done all of this correctly, at this point you will bring in the legal team to sign the necessary paper work. Assuming the ill person is far enough under your influence, they willingly sign their care over to you, their savior. Here is the time when you must get busy. Most people have a will in place, so you will need to move their money into your own accounts. Use your "power of attorney" to transfer car titles, property titles, and any other assets.

Once you have done these things, the unassuming family is almost helpless. Use your power to destroy lives and burn family ties. And, then usher "your friend" to their death. Over medicate them and direct hospice staff to do so as often as possible. Doing this will help to prevent the sick and dying person from catching on to you. Drop your meal ticket on concrete at the hospice should they begin to recognize your deceit. At this point, you might ought to think about hiding out from the family. You may be able to get away with attending the funeral due to the respect the family has for their loved one. Likely, they will not want to destroy the last memory of their family member fighting with you about money.

Aside from that, they very well may have it in for you. At least that's how I feel about it. I hope I never see this person again. These things happened to me. My aunt makes a living doing this. I am not telling you this is legal, however, it definitely can be done. The really sick part is that she done it to my father when his mother died, and then managed to get him to do it to me, too! "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" a fitting quote accredited to Sun-Tzu, ancient Asian author of the "The Art Of War". Thank you for reading my hub.



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    • Bridget Smith profile image

      Bridget Smith 

      3 years ago

      My husbands aunt did this just recently. In fact my mother in law lived in our home for two and a half years. Out of the blue my husbands aunt showed up to take my mother in law for a visit and then refused to return her. Yes we called the sheriff and the elderly abuse prevention task force they just didnt seem to care, adult protective services said there wasnt a case. It took my husbands aunt 5 months to rob his mother blind and when his mother died 2 months AGO!! His aunt still has not told him we just found out she died through a rumor. Although my mother in law had a will leaving everything to my husband her only child and she made him her power of attorney, executer, springing power of attorney, she gave him all rights period some how his aunt was able to cash in her life insurance policy and cashes out her banking accounts and took her car and anything of value. His mother went to an attorney and did this will for a reason because she knew her youngest sister would do this because she has done it before, twice actually. the sorry truth in Michigan is it didnt even matter she was still able to do it.

    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 

      6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      Wow. I'm sorry that happened to your family. But, I am more sorry for the aunt who did this... God does not like it!

    • rclinton5280 profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Clinton 

      6 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Make sure to read the whole hub. This one has a twist.


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