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"How to Be Poor Quick -6 easy steps"

Updated on September 21, 2017

Let's Get Started

Unplanned spending resulting from spontaneous desires can lead you to have nothing in your pocket earlier than you thought would be the case.

Follow these steps,and no doubt you will never get rich and be financially unstable!

Step 1: Be a Frivolous Spender

Upon earning your salary, the best way to splurge with it, is to go shopping!!!

Make sure your on branded sections, all the latest designs and accessories from head to toe, buy all them to satisfy your needs and wants, just as snap with your card. Don't forget to take the big cart before entering.

Shop online. Online shopping sites offer you the latest gadgets like smartphones, gears and many more, that is not yet out in the shopping malls that quite expensive and yet you're the first of which.

Step 2: Use your money lavishly and don't save.

Saving is for people who are financially educated only not young ones like you. You have no commitments at all, no worries.

It's better not to save at least you have iPhone.' YOLO! You Only Live Once

Step 3: Be Indebted.

Apply with credit cards provider and spend anytime, anywhere. Make sure it is huge enough than your salary. It is easy to overspend when you cannot see the money leaving your wallet or purse. That may be the case if you handle most of your transactions by credit or debit card, Internet purchasing, and electronic banking.

The lure of easy credit can also make it easy to overspend.

Step 4: Don't make Plans ,just go with the flow.

Planning your future is a boring part, alternately plan your big party with friends, outing and endless drinking ,socializing without thinking your spending habits.

Step 5: Single Source of Income

Stick to your job even it pays below minimum, and do not pursue additional income, so that if your company goes down, so are you. Stay away from opportunity when it comes.

Step 6: Associate with negative people.

Negative people only think of themselves, the one who will help you to get poor. Try to make friends with a gambler, alcoholic, lazy hard headed one, a drug addict, someone who is selfish, sure, your way to go to become poor instantly.

There you have it,How to Get Poor Quick!!!

5 Reasons Why You Don't Have Savings

1.No goals in life- people dreamed of something spectacular but they don't make an effort to make it.

2.Associating with wrong people- the Bible state that 'be with the wise one and you will become wise'. Be with people that have a good influence on you and a good environment as well.

3.Low Salary Excuses- even if you have a low salary, proper spending is a must, you have to adjust accordingly, self-control. Save first and spend what is left from saving.

4.Less financial education- no matter how huge your income is, if you have no discipline over spending, you cannot save a single penny no matter what.

5.You don't want to save at all- it you can't save 2k from 10k, definitely you won't save 20k from 100k, because saving is a habit.

Though we have different reasons why we don't have savings, the important is, we should make changes if we want secure our future.

Money without a plan is a money soon gone!

How to Be Financial Freedom

1.Increase cash flow- create multiple source of passive income.

2.Save and Invest 20% of your income

3.Have an emergency fund

4.Get a life insurance

5.Get a long-term healthcare

6.Eliminate Bad Debts

7.Collect Assets, lower liabilities.

The sooner you save, the better your future.

"We had to learn to say no to some things in order to live within our means.”

What you Can do

Make A Budget- write down all of your expenses, no matter how small, for a month. That will help you to figure out where your money is going and to identify any unnecessary expenditures.

Make a list of your necessary expenses, including food, clothing, rent or mortgage, car payments, and the like.

Allocate funds each month for separate expenses (food, rent, fuel, and so forth). Some do this by putting cash in envelopes, one for each expense category.

Rethink your view of possessions. Happiness does not depend on having the latest things.

Make adjustments. “Things like cable TV and going out to eat may sound affordable at first, but they can hurt financially in the long run.

Plan ahead. Don’t assume that all the money you have in the bank is available to spend. If you don’t keep money in reserve, you’ll never be prepared for emergencies, such as car repairs.”


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    • mhel19 profile imageAUTHOR

      melrose moises 

      3 years ago from philippines

      Thanks Kara,,I'll do what you suggested to me,thanks :)

    • Kara Skinner profile image

      Kara Skinner 

      3 years ago from Maine

      This is a helpful article and its satire was really funny. It's a little difficult to read in some places, so it might need to be proofread one more time. But it has a lot of great information and was entertaining. Thanks!


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