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Lessons in Super-Couponing Taught by a Pro

Updated on March 4, 2013
You May Legally Repin This Photo
You May Legally Repin This Photo | Source

Extreme Couponing: Lessons from a Professional Super Couponer

If you have always wanted to start extreme couponing or if you are one of the many families that must use coupons to make ends meet, but are either too intimidated, confused or turned off by shows that exploit the process don't be discouraged. It is time to learn Extreme Couponing from a Professional Couponer.

There is actually an expert at your fingertips. Her name is Jill Cataldo and she is "One of the premier coupon experts in the country," according to ABC News. She is also the developer of the DVD series Super-Couponing which aims to teach consumers how to beat the grocery game and extreme-shop sensibly without all the madness as seen on popular TV shows.

Turning a Passion for Saving Money into a Career

Jill is a mother, consumer expert, blogger and professional extreme couponer who turned harmless slips of paper into a career for herself after being laid off from a webdesign position in 2008. Her success snowballed from teaching a class at a local library to writing a syndicated newspaper column on coupon deals. Soon she was on the radio waves doing a couponing segment. The radio station received so many calls from listners wanting to learn more that her blog grew out of demand. Someone later suggested she should produce an instructional "how-to" DVD. Currently she has two DVD's titled Super-Couponing® and Super-Couponing® 2.

You may legally repin this image.
You may legally repin this image. | Source

Super-Couponing Strategies

Cataldo explains the number one mistake the everyday couponer makes. She also clearly defines her strategy for applying a clip-less system using the Internet. On TV most extreme couponers are spending extreme amounts of time clipping thousands of coupons each day and filing them into heavy binders that must be categorized and hauled to the store each week. Cataldo's approach is to use one of the many coupon Internet services like which matches the sale with the national coupon for combined savings and allowing the consumer to only bring that batch of inserts. She already has her list and knows what is on sale so she can leave the other coupons home. Cataldo does recommend a thin accordion file, but you organize these by date of insert so it is very light and you do not have to be embarrassed when you have to shuffle through your clippings at the register.

Jill Cataldo On Nightline

An Honest Approach to Couponing

What sets Cataldo apart from other coupon enthusiasts is her honest approach to couponing and realistic shopping trips. As displayed on ABC's Nightline segment she doesn't set out to wipe the shelves clean just because she can. She purchases what she needs to feed her family and brings home what she knows they will use. She does have a stockpile, but nothing like others who let the stockpiles take over their homes.

Super-Couponing DVD Not Too Extreme

In Cataldo's DVD series expect to find a fast paced seminar which is a mix of her public speaking engagements and instructional clips. But don't expect to see the crazy antics of frenzied shoppers with binders two feet wide. By now most Americans are familiar with couponing thanks to the TLC's series Extreme Couponing where they follow a person from clipping to shopping and watch each week as the weary yet dutiful checkout girl scans thousands of coupons until the nail-biter last five minutes of the show where the store computer reaches tilt or the coupon enthusiast makes a math error and goes two pennies over.

Super-Couponing with Catalina Coupons

Thanks to the economy of the last five years coupons are back in fashion. Yet with this resurgence in coupon use comes a twist. This ones involves databases, stacking, hauls, stockpiles and Catalinas.....Catawhats?

Jill Cataldo is also a true believer in Catalina coupons. For those who do not know what a Catalina is it is store generated coupon that comes with your receipt. It is usually for cents off products you buy based on the current shopping trip, but many times they are for $5, $10 or more dollars off your next visit. Cataldo's explains the time to use those coupons is right there in line. Breaking up your groceries into a couple of orders allows you to do so.

She explains the "rules" of the shopping game and how to maximise your savings by purchasing many smaller sized items with a coupon versus the larger economy size. And how the by-one-get-one free sales means you can use a coupon for each item not just the one you have to pay for.

She believes in ethical coupon usage and writes articles about many fraudulent methods coupon enthusiasts are using to get their enormous "hauls."

Cataldo Speaking To Audience

Couponing Queen: Grocery Expert's Most Wanted Shopper

Considered by many in the grocery store industy to be an expert, Cataldo is in demand not just by consumers wanting to learn the grocery game, but by marketing professionals wanting to learn just how their customers think. According to Cataldo's website, she regularly consults to stores, manufacturers and coupon distributors to help analyze how consumers will utilize coupons and promotions.

Couponing to Stock Local Food Pantry

Cataldo is also aware that today many people cannot even afford to shop by extreme couponing. One of the blessing of being able to save so much with coupons is the ability to give even more back to the community. According to Cataldo, "People need to eat, and I've been really blessed to know how to shop on the cheap. I can spend a small amount of money and walk in the pantry with a large amount of food for them."

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  • LA Elsen profile imageAUTHOR

    LA Elsen 

    6 years ago from Chicago, IL

    I know it can be quite an adventure. Every time I get something good my husband is in amazement.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 

    6 years ago

    I just love being able to use coupons when I shop, it's kind of like an adventure! Thanks for the information here! Voted up.

  • LA Elsen profile imageAUTHOR

    LA Elsen 

    6 years ago from Chicago, IL

    Glad you found it interesting Patty Kenyon. I agree. We all have to clip every now and then. It really is a personal preference. I found her so interesting as a consumer advocate because she has such a passion for saving money for her family and she wants everyone to be able to do the same. In the Chicago area she gives her lectures for free! Who does that these days?

  • Patty Kenyon profile image

    Patty Kenyon 

    6 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

    Interesting!! I do clip coupons on occasion for items that I will use and need to buy...Thanks for sharing!!


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