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Finding Freebies Online

Updated on June 22, 2012

Freebies are only a Click Away

For someone who is frugal or at least trying to cut back on the spending, it doesn’t get better than getting something for free. Even if you are not really interested in being frugal and just enjoy the thrill of getting something for nothing, it is yours for the taking.

Little surprises in my mailbox daily are the best pick me up after a long day of work and I admit, even the silliest little thing, like a perfume postcard with a small peel off sample bring me joy. Yup, it doesn’t take much, these days.

Free items that are offered are mostly sample size products, but about 15% of the time, they offer a full sized item! Full sized items almost always come in the form of a coupon that states the item is FREE.

There are hundreds of websites and blogs out there that point you in the right direction to get those free items.

Some of my favorite sites are:

These are both legitimate sites that may be familiar to you. All You is fantastic! They update their freebie daily.

Blogs are another terrific resource and there are many blogs that are solely dedicated to finding and sharing FREE stuff.

Here are a few that I visit daily:

This is a very small sampling of literally thousands of websites out there that you can find while searching for freebies. Most of these show coupon matchups and other discounts and deals as well. I don’t have time to list them all, but I would love to see some of your favorites in the comments section below!

On that same note, there are sites out there that will do the bait and switch, so be cautious about where you are clicking. You should never have to give out your credit card or payment information or sign up for an offer that you have to cancel in order to obtain your free product.

However, many of these freebies link back to the sponsor’s Facebook page and you will be asked to “Like” the sponsor before they allow you to put your information in the form to order your free item.

HANDY TIPS – Just another FREE service I offer

  • Don’t want your entire circle of Facebook friends thinking you “Like” KY Jelly when all you wanted was the free sample? (hehe) Go into your Account, then select Privacy Settings, choose Custom Settings, then click on Customize Settings. For Places You Check Into, select Only Me.
  • Using Free coupons at the grocery store – save yourself time and embarrassment by putting your free items on the belt last. The cashier must enter the price and may have difficulty finding it if it is hidden in a cartload of groceries.
  • Don’t want to miss anything? Many of these blogs are also on Facebook and would LOVE to be your friend. They constantly update with items that have small amounts of freebies to give away that are gone within an hour or so of going live. You won’t miss out if you are reading their posts.

GIVING BACK- For the KIND Folks out There

  • One reminder – the blog owners that spend their waking lives searching and sharing links to these deals and freebies would like to get paid too. A FREE way for you to support them is to click the ads on their site. They get a kickback for every ad you click, so give them some love once in a while to thank them for what they do for you.
  • Be Earth Friendly - Remember to reuse all boxes and packaging from your freebies and recycle the waste.


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