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Free stuff online. Get yours!

Updated on September 7, 2014

Do you have a few minutes of free time?

Are you articulate? Do you like to give your opinions, love reviewing products, do you like to write and get involved with Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and others? Do you like to have people over your house to entertain while trying free products? Do you feel inspired by new things? Do you LOVE trying new products just because!? I sure do! If you said yes to these questions, then there is free stuff online just waiting for you to claim it.

You can sign up with legitimate, well functioning, professional companies to begin trying cool new products in your home! These companies want your feedback, thoughts, opinions and for you to spread the word on their new products with people you love and trust. Word of mouth marketing is a very powerful sales tool. Smart companies know that the way consumers shop is evolving and going through major changes, most people use consumer reviews and opinions before trying or buying products. These companies know this, and want your help!

I've listed the companies I am personally signed up with, there are many, but these are the ones I prefer because of my schedule, and I've been working with them for years and have had nothing but success and fun! And best of all, FREE stuff to keep!

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Swaggable Through Facebook

Swaggable is a company that will send you sample size products, yes they are small, but they are still useful, free and fun. This is probably the easiest site to work with. You sign up, start interacting on the site, let them know what things you're interested in trying, and then you get emails to try samples when they are available. My favorite sample from this site was an Asian Face Toner, smelled fantastic! But I've claimed; sunblock, energy drinks, hemp seeds, Chia Seeds, body lotion, and many others. This site also links through Facebook (as most do anymore), and is super "user" friendly. All they want in return is some honest feedback on what you think of the product. Additionally, if you find something you love, they give you further discounts on purchasing the items.


Bzzagent is by far my current favorite! You sign up, create your account, participate in surveys (this is to get some additional information from you so that they know what kind of products you may be a good tester for), I've never had any issues with this company respecting my privacy, they always send products for me to try on time, well packed, and they have a great variety. You get invited to campaigns similar to Swaggable, but on a much larger scale. I've tried hand lotions, air fresheners, candy, interior house paint, hair care products, children's toys (Magic Gin, Nerf Guns), high end beauty lotions, sausages, even allergy medications! And all are FULL SIZE and FREE!!!

This company is a lot more involved than Swaggable. You will need to login to your account from time to time to keep doing surveys, and keep your agent score high. Posting your product reviews on Facebook and Twitter help increase your odds of being invited to more campaigns. They also reward you with points through a company called MyPoints, and once you accumulate enough you can cash them in for gift certificates! Awesome!

House Party!

House Party

House Party is a much more intense company to work with. Basically, you create an account, & sign up to get involved in "House Parties" if you are selected to participate in a party, you're sent party packs full of all the things you need to invite people into your home and try products. This company is also great on variety! You could end up in a party for many different interests. Book reviews, Food and beverage, household products, skin care items, are just a few examples. The amounts of product sent to try is just ridiculous! I'm talking huge packs to plan and enjoy any party your creative mind can dream up. This company wants you involved as much as possible, from decorations, photos, videos, blogging, site interaction with other members, feedback, and opinions. This is not a company I personally do lots of work for, because of the level of involvement, but quarterly (when I can get in on them) is perfect for me! House Parties are always a great excuse to entertain and be social!

Have fun!

Remember, joining these companies is not so much about free stuff, as it is about having fun, and being honest and open with your opinions! You are a valuable consumer! But let's be honest, free stuff rocks!

© 2013 Rebecca


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    • Bishop55 profile image

      Rebecca 4 years ago from USA

      Thanks Trevor!

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      Trevor Parris 4 years ago from Brooklyn

      Interesting hub I like it