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How to Get Rich Quick and Lose It

Updated on January 11, 2016
How to get Rich Quick ,and Do you Want to
How to get Rich Quick ,and Do you Want to | Source

Get Rich Quick , The Plenty OF Fish Owner

How To Get Rich Quick , and Lose It

How to get Rich quick, and lose it?

I was wondering , How do I get rich quick? , and how to get rich quick and lose it, money that is?This sounds ridiculous ,I have had wealth in money , to be totally so wealthy that no worries if I lost several thousand dollars in the market , and able to laugh it off, a,”Well I knew I should of invested in that other stock, and look the numbers are up on it,” and able to kick back and wonder about other investments.

I have met several that live wealthy in my life and they seem to be as happy as we see most Celebrities or Bill Gate's look very content on their riches, and then their horror stories , about how famous Models go and screw their lives up with drugs, men, and women alike, in this class of Ultra wealth. The outside appearance of how to get rich is not appealing . The false insecurities, with the burning hurt deep inside some I have met, that cannot let their emotions shine as “normal” person's would. The how and why to get rich hit me the other day thinking about a trip to Hawaii, and the nice places to stay . I would like to stay at a 5 star resort , and can ,but there are advantages to being away from the room service and the tourist,and stay at bed and breakfast to see how real people live on the Island of Hawaii. A more personal approach to the trip.

I would love to call a limo company to pick me and take me to the airport and drop me at the baggage area, and then sit in the Admiral's club and open my notebook computer and watch what my money is doing in the market on my way to Hawaii, and then on the loud speaker, be told by name, that the flight crew is ready for me to board into First Class, of the airliner. How to get rich quick means you can live and travel in luxury , why?, because you can, this does not mean you despise those less fortunate than you , it just means that you can , as one travels in Luxury. There is something said for this lifestyle, some positive, some negative, how would I know, I have been there and was lucky enough to live as a rich man.

I have had the Limousines and the First class travel, the Luxury in New York City then fllying by first class to Europe, and all over the world , My father was an Oil and Gas Owner ,and a smart man, yet depressed man for many years ,and though never really caught on to how to be rich was nothing but a false sense of security it was for him and the rest of us kids at the time. It was nice to live rich quick and live with no financial worries and travel all these countries and live the lap of luxury, yet heavy drinking got in the way ,and though a bit of depression sets in because people think as they do, You have all the materials in the world, How could you be depressed and stay drunk all the time. I have yet to be able to answer this , I guess it's because you develop a few false friends along the ride. It’s hard to establish a solid relationship , rich, not sure if they Love you or your money.

Those times are gone, not broke now, but not living the style , and I am much happier, so how to get rich quick , crosses my mind and if I ever do get rich on my own, I think I will know how to handle what I didn't in the past, as relationships,and drinking,drugs, you name it, when you have the money you sometimes have too much time on your hands. There are those also that work 24/7 days and are very wealthy and just don't stop, because of the addiction to work they have, and need a vacation. So many different how to get rich schemes out there too,and they are getting rich those people, and then what are they going to do?

I think I will stick to my quaint lifestyle of mediocre living style and love what I have and just take care of my body and if the riches fall upon again, I will be ready. To get rich quick can also mean you can lose these riches as quick as you gain them,so I think some better investing on my part would have to work better, I hope to not get rich quick and lose it, whats the point of that?.


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