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How to Lower Your Satellite or Cable Bill

Updated on June 2, 2012

Pay less and get more for your money

These are difficult times and if you're anything like me, you're looking for ways to hang on to your money. Maybe you've even thought about downgrading that satellite package you have, or even getting rid of it all together. Before you make that choice, let me tell you what worked for me.

Things You'll Need to Get Started:

  • Competitor's advertisements, so you know what that other satellite company is offering (if you don't get this in the mail, check online)
  • your current satellite company's offers for new customers
  • phone (it's just not as effective to email them)
  • patience (you have a better chance of getting what you want if you're nice)

Compare and save

You know those weekly circulars? The ones you usually shove aside without really looking at them because they'll only tempt you to spend money you don't really have right now? I want you to look at them. See what your satellite company is offering new customers. Don't get frustrated that they just raised your rates and are now passing savings on to the new kid. Believe me when I say that your business matters to them, too.

While you're at it, why don't you check out what the competition is offering? Where I live, my phone company bundles with DirecTV. Because of this, I knew I would be able to save some money by changing to them from Dish Network, but I didn't really want to unless I felt like I had to. Sometimes you just get comfortable and like what you know best.

Still, I wasn't ruling it out as an option. I wanted to know what was out there. I wanted to be offered what the new kid was getting. And it just so happened, my contract was up long ago, so that gave me more wiggle room.

If you're still under contract though, don't stop reading, there's still hope for you.

Tips and Warnings to Make Your Call More Successful

  • Be patient, you may spend a little time on hold, but it's worth it in the end.
  • Don't be too quick to take no for an answer, if the person you're talking to won't work with you, ask to speak to someone else, or call back (which will give you someone else anyway).
  • The minute you raise your voice or become offensive with them, that's when all understanding and negotiations go out the window. Keep your cool.

After you know what your options are

Pick up your phone and call your satellite company. Because I knew what I wanted when I called them, it made me more confident that they would give me what I was asking for. Choose the option on the menu that says you're want to turn off your service. This will transfer you from regular customer service to the customer retention team. They're the ones able to offer you the best deals and discounts.

Let them know if you are a longstanding customer and tell them you're aware of their promotions. Also tell them that you are tempted by their competition. This should make them more than eager to work with you.

What to do if you're still under contract

You can still save money by making that phone call. Let them know that you're looking for ways to save money in this economy. Ask them what they can do to work with you, without you losing a whole lot. Chances are, they'll be very understanding. You may even be given some freebies for a few months. They may even offer you their less expensive unadvertised packages, such as Dish Network's Welcome Package.

Don't be afraid to make that call

What's the worse thing that could happen? More than likely you'll be the one to come out ahead and walk away feeling good about what you just did for yourself.


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