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How to Make a Quick Buck

Updated on January 20, 2012

Ways to Make a Quick Buck

Lets admit it. The economy sucks. Yeah we know.

So lets make the best of it and find little ways to make a quick buck and make our lives a little better to live. There are tons of ways to make money but it all depends on your interest. People can sense you do something that you don't like or hate to do. They know when you do it for money. They don't want to hire people like that because they know you don't care how the job gets done. If you love something you take your time and experience and put into your job. I know many people who have never made it in anything but stuff they like. My friend for example started a painting business. She wants to go around and paint houses. She says with all the foreclosures going on people need painters bad. I looked at her like she was crazy. She hated painting and sucked at it very much. I told her she needed to go to an animal shelter and get a job or breed dogs or start a dog rescue because she loved dogs. She loved making them feel better and giving them good homes. She agreed and now is one of the biggest boxer rescues in North Carolina. She loves every moment of it. But dog breeding and rescuing isn't for everyone. Here is some other things random people could make money of, and also like working.

  • Like painting? Start a painting business. Like my friend said painting is sky rocketing. People all over need painting or different things to be colorful around their house.

  • How about cooking? People who love to cook simply love to cook. You can make small business of catering or grilling. Make wedding cakes or birthday caters.

  • Love animals? Not only could you bring dogs but you could breed cats, horses and any other type of animal. This type of business takes quite a bit of money at first but once the puppies come it's all up hill from there. You also do grooming, walking for neighborhoods, and pet sitting.

  • Big Kids fan? How about babysitting in your free time or working at a daycare?

  • Love Dirt Bikes,Go-Cart and Four wheelers? Do you have a nice chunk of land? Make a derby track for kids and teens and even adults to ride on. Maybe make trails. You get to meet new people, see new bikes and get have fun.

  • Like Electricity? For all those people who are good with broken DVD players, appliances and washing machines this is a good business to start. It is also in the rising needs and wants of people in this harsh economy.

  • Plumbing Maybe? If you love working on toilets, pipes and leaks this is a great job for you. Also like painting and electricity this is a rising field and is needed by old, new and foreclosured home owners need this.

  • Love Flowers? Plants? Start growing a garden, have your own little vegetable shack, maybe a booth at a flea market. Grow flowers to sell around holidays.

  • Love giving advice? Have a troubled teen camp. Take some spoiled teens out in the woods and find the base of their problems, then solve them and send them home happy. This is a great way to help people and still make money of admissions.

  • Guys love to work on cars? How about having your own repair shop. Start small and bring it up. Start working on go carts and four wheelers then move up to cars after you have some experience behind you.

  • Maybe you have some extra land? or Trees? It only costs 400 dollars to have land surveyed, maybe you could sell small chunks of land, or maybe timber in your land.They both will pay off the surveying.

Don't you wish this would really happen?
Don't you wish this would really happen?


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