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How to Save Money In Your Home - Being Wise with Energy

Updated on August 31, 2014
I thought this was a neat old light bulb advertisement.
I thought this was a neat old light bulb advertisement.

What can you do starting today to save money in your home.

I don't know of anybody that wants to spend more money on energy in their home. Saving money by reducing the energy use in our own living spaces is a very wise thing to do. Here are some tips so that you can start saving money today.

First, check on your home appliances for energy saving settings, or at the very least when you get a new appliance. With dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers and refrigerators, you can often use an energy efficient setting which will help you not only save money, but be wiser in conserving energy for the earth.

Look at your temperature setting on your water heater, and make sure the setting is on warm, or 120 degrees. If you have to make adjustments after this that is ok, but you can save energy by doing this. It can prevent scaldings, as well.

You can also clean or replace the filters on your heat pump filters, air conditioner, or furnace. This helps the efficiency factor and is easy to do usually.

Old fashioned light bulbs

Edison's Incandescent light bulbs.  My, how things change.
Edison's Incandescent light bulbs. My, how things change.

Look around at your incandescent lighting situation. Consider replacing them with compact fluorescent lights. It is great that these lights can save about three quarters of the electricity that incandescent lighting uses. The best ones to look at for changing are the 60 to 100W bulbs that are used several hours every day. There are compact fluorescent lamps that will fit into most standard fixtures, so consider that as well.

Checking the age and condition of your major appliances is a wise thing to do. Especially looking at your refrigerator is wise to do. You can start looking now for a more energy efficient model now, before the older one dies.

To those that love their water beds, you can save energy by making sure you make your bed. The blankets, sheets and covers help to insulate it. This can save up to one third of the energy it uses.

Newer light bulbs are very popular.  Some still love the old ones though.
Newer light bulbs are very popular. Some still love the old ones though.

These are simple things to consider changing to help not only yourself and your family's finances, but to help the overall energy use for the sake of the earth. Hopefully people are already doing the simple things, like making sure to not leave lights on in closets or any rooms around the house they aren't using. Granted, there are times when you want a light on for some particular reason, even if you are not in a room, but I am not speaking of that. Kids and adults can run off and leave lights on in the house or even on the outside of the house very easily. Be a good example, at the very least, in regards to water usage and energy usage. Kudos to those that have been doing most of these things for some time. Enjoying the savings that comes with that is a just a bonus! Use that extra money for something you would rather use it on anyway. Its too easy to not do.

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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hello SEO Expert Kerala, thank you very much! I hope to conserve energy for many reasons, and glad that you liked the ideas. Its great for all of us to conserve more, and also such a benefit that it saves us money as well.

    • SEO Expert Kerala profile image

      SEO Expert Kerala 6 years ago from KERALA

      Mr Oceansnsunset very nice hub written by you. You had mentioned very nice steps to conserve energy which can save our money and also energy on earth. There are lots of wastage of energy in this world nowadays but after reading your hub many will try to conserve energy by your provided techniques.