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How to Save Money Using Coupons

Updated on November 26, 2018

Why Shop Online?

When shopping for items we need, most of us now a days shop on line. Shopping online can save us lots of money and also save us the hassle of running to the crowded store. Shopping online allows us to shop anytime, day or night without having to get dressed and load the kids in the car.

Online shopping has become the norm, not only to save us money, but time. With busy work schedules and everyday life saving time is important.

New to Shopping Online?

If you are new to shopping online, then I would like to give you some tips and advice on how to save the most money.

  • If you are looking for a specific product, check sites like eBay and Amazon to compare prices.
  • Once you have a general idea of what your product is selling for search google for coupon codes. Many times you will find coupon codes in places other than the site where you found your item.
  • There are also many blogs that search for coupons and post them for you for convenience.
  • If you are not in a rush to purchase the product, then you can come back daily to check on the price. A lot of times prices will change often and you may be able to find a better deal.
  • I know spam messages can be a pain, but create an email account just for the purpose of receiving promotions and coupons. Many times, when you sign up for a product site for the first time, they will send you great coupons via email and also keep you updated with new coupons and savings.
  • Check directly with the manufacturer site. If you are looking for a computer, you may find a great deal on Amazon, but if you go directly to the manufacturer site they may have coupons or special offers not posted anywhere else.


Grocery Coupons

You can also find many great places for free printable coupons and savings for groceries. You can save hundreds of dollars by printing coupons from sites like

You can even search for specific types of coupons on these sites. also has a coupon page where you can clip coupons without printing them and use them at checkout. You can find coupons for everything, electronics, baby products, grocery, health and beauty and much more.

If you have ever went to a coupon site and you were asked to install a coupon printer you may have been skeptical and decided not to install the printer. In order to print coupons from major coupon sites like, you must install the printer or you cannot print the coupons. I would not download anything from untrusted sites, but major coupon sites require a coupon printer be installed. If you are unsure about the coupon site you are looking at, search the web for information on the site to ensure it is secure.

Tips for finding grocery coupons

  • Go to your favorite grocery stores website and browse coupons
  • Check out your local "penny-saver" or coupon booklet sites and look for coupons.
  • Look for your favorite products and grocery stores on Facebook. A lot of times if you visit them and Like their page, they will send you special coupons.
  • Look for coupons in grocery stores that you normally do not shop at. You have to find your grocers policies, but many times your favorite grocery store will accept competitors coupons and you can save money without having to shop at multiple stores.

Buying Multiple Products

If you planning a child's birthday party or a get together you can shop at places like the Dollar Tree online and buy products in bulk. You can purchase all the items you need and have it all ready for you when you get to the store to pick it up. It saves time and money!

You can also search wholesale sites if you need multiple products. There are many companies that offer wholesale pricing to individuals. You may need to do a little research to find the exact thing you are looking for, but it can save you lots of money.

Do You Negotiate?

How often you negotiate prices on big purchases?

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Negotiate Big Purchases

Even if you are making a big purchase like buying a house or a car, using the internet as a tool can save you thousands of dollars.

Often car dealers will run online specials which are not advertised in other places. Go to your local car dealers websites and search for their on line deals. Searching multiple dealers also helps you to compare prices so when you do go into a dealer to select your car you will have knowledge of what price ranges to expect. You can even print out offers from other dealers to help you negotiate. For example: If dealer A and dealer B have the same car but in different colors, dealer A has a red one for $15,000 (red is what you want), dealer B has a blue one for $12,000 take dealer B's info with you so that you may negotiate on the price. Dealer A knows that you can easily walk out of there and save $3,000 so they may lower the price to get your sale! Do not be afraid to NEGOTIATE.

Same is true with buying a house. The more information you have, the more you have to compare to, the better deal you can work out with the owner or the Realtor. Doing your homework and knowing what to expect will have save you tons of money and get you what you want at the best price possible.

Knowledge is Power

Saving money does not have to be hard, you just need to know where to look. Shopping online gives you the power to research, negotiate and find the products you want at the lowest possible prices. There is a lot of competition out there and using that to your advantage will help save you lots of money! Happy Shopping!


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