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How to Spend your Money Wisely

Updated on October 2, 2012
by zole4
by zole4 | Source

It's your payday. Normally, as employees, we would like to treat or reward ourselves for working too hard. Sometimes, however, we usually spent more than our limit and ended up regretting why we never left a little for savings for us to survive during rainy days. Unable to pay bills may force someone to borrow money from friends or banks or worse, from loansharks. To avoid falling on the same depressing situation, it needs a lot of discipline in terms of spending.

But how?


Think that you are poor enough to buy or spend for luxurious items that you don't actually need. Don't be carried away with the thickness of your wallet, it can lead you to think "I have much money in my wallet, it won't drain my resources. This trick works to me, and I hope it will work for you too.

by Stuart Miles
by Stuart Miles | Source


Always track your expenses. Sometimes, you will be surprised the account balance when you make balance inquiry of your bank account. Take time to list down your expenses and find out ways to minimize it. This will not just help you to explain why your cash seemed to be flushed in a toilet but will help you practice "discipline'' in spending.


Know what you really need. Just because you want it and you have the capacity purchase it, doesn't mean that you really "need" it. Knowing what you need vs. what you want doesn't just save your time but also your money. To define need/s, those are the things that you can survive without. Coming up of a list before shopping might.

by vichie81
by vichie81 | Source


Think like a Chinese. Chinese people are known to be frugal. Thinking like Chinese means always keeping a portion of your income for savings. It's best that aside from putting your money in a bank, you will invest it. Make your money grow instead of making it sleep.


Avoid going to a pricey get-away not unless if its somebody else's expense or of your company. Working animals need a vacation or enjoy even for a day. But, never put in mind to spend more than what is needed that includes where to buy souvenirs items that are not overpriced. As much as possible, find out ways how to minimize your expenditure like getting a promo ticket, bringing food, water, extra clothes, finding a cheap yet clean and safe place can help.

We work to survive in this material world, to live lives comfortably. But to squander what we earn, not to use our money wisely can sure put all our years that we spent to work into waste.


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