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How to Stack Coupons

Updated on November 5, 2015

What Is Stacking Coupons?

Stacking coupons is when you use two coupons (a manufacturer and a store coupon) for one item.

You can stack coupons at almost any store that has it's own store coupon.

Some examples of where to save money by stacking your coupons are grocery stores, drug stores and Target.

Why Should I Stack Coupons?

Have you ever watched a show on TLC called "Extreme Couponers"?

You can see plenty of examples of shoppers stacking coupons on this show.

When you stack coupons, you can get an item for cheap or even free!

Try to find items that are on sale.

Some of my favorite sales are the buy-one-get-one free (or BOGO in couponer's terms).

If you can find a great sale and the stack a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon, most times, you will get the item for free.

This is how the Extreme Couponers make it out of the stores with a thousand dollars worth of food and only pay twenty dollars.

Stacking coupons has saved so many families from going into debt.

Groceries are one of the largest bills that you can change yourself.

While stacking coupons, a family could go from spending eight hundred dollars a month on groceries to three or four hundred dollars a month!


Where Do I Find Store And Manufacturer Coupons?

Most manufacturer coupons can be found in the newspaper or in magazines.

Newspapers usually send their coupons out on Sundays.

Store coupons can be found on the stores website and in their sales flyers.

Some stores electronic coupons that you can look directly to your store card.

No coupon clipping involved!

To load the electronic coupons to your store care, go to the stores website and go to the coupon category.

If you are not signed up with the stores site, fill in your information to become a member. It is free!

While in the stores coupon section, enter your store card number so that when you click on an electric coupon it can load directly to your store card.

You will need to check their electronic coupon page before you go shopping each time since coupons are constantly coming and going.

Each Stores Coupon Policy Is Different

You will want to make sure you know the stores coupon policy before you start stacking coupons.

Most grocery stores will let you stack coupons, but there are a few that will not let you stack coupons.

To find out which stores let you stack, you can look up a stores coupon policy on their website.

If you are at the store, you could either go to the Customer Service desk and ask to see the coupon policy or ask one of the store employees (cashiers, managers and customer service) about their coupon policy.

How Do I Keep Track Of All Of These Coupons?

You could use few different methods to organize and store coupons.

My favorite is the coupon binder. All you need is a three ring binder, label sheet inserts and baseball insert pages. Clip each coupon as it comes in and place it in the correct slot under the corresponding category.

The Insert Method is very simple. Use a three-ring binder and sheet protector inserts. As you receive coupon inserts, place them in the next sheet protector and label the date you received the coupon insert. Many websites will point you to the correct insert on the correct date for a certain coupon. Check out sites like CouponMom or GroceryGame to see how the insert method works.

The accordion file is small and portable. Categorize each section as a different department in the grocery store. After you have clipped your coupons, insert them into the correct category in the accordion file.

Be Nice To The Cashier!

Be Nice To The Cashier!
Be Nice To The Cashier! | Source

Be Polite

When you are polite, people want you to do well. If there is a problem with the coupons, don't raise a stink.

Instead, be polite and ask if there is anyway to make it work.

The cashiers and managers will usually go out of their way to help somebody who is polite.

Extreme Couponers!

Are you an extreme couponer?

See results


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    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 4 years ago from Indiana

      That sounds like my husband. He wants me to save money on groceries, but he is very picky (only likes certain flavors of certain brands). We spend about the same amount for our family of four. I have tried to cut back on meat and make my side dishes larger. I tried buying organic for a while and it was too expensive. Now I just buy organic if I see it on sale for less than the conventional versions price.

      I just got back from my couponing trip at my grocery store. I spent $30 on $90 worth of groceries with sales and coupons! I still have to do a regular trip to Costco to fill in the gaps in our refrigerator though.

    • Rebecca Ingham profile image

      Rebecca Ingham 4 years ago from Urbandale, Iowa

      That's awesome! I've been working on doing more of that. My biggest struggle is finding coupons and other ways to save on healthy food. Work on having 2 or 3 cheap meatless meals a week, shop the ads and all. Still seems like we spend $125-$150 a week. Even cut back on things like organics and such. Have a hubby that says he wants us to save more on groceries but then gets a little picky about what I have on hand. :)

    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 4 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks Rebecca! Couponing has become a part of my like since I became I stay at home Mom. With groceries being our largest expenditure that we could tweak, I have been able to bring my weekly food shopping bill down anywhere from 50-75% on any given week! I save hundreds of dollars a month with couponing alone!

    • Rebecca Ingham profile image

      Rebecca Ingham 4 years ago from Urbandale, Iowa

      Great ideas! Love learning more ideas on how to use coupons and save money. Always great to new tips and tricks learn from others. Thank you!

    • tipstoretireearly profile image

      tipstoretireearly 5 years ago from New York

      I just love stacking coupons. That's the surest bet to getting a bargain. I agree with BSloan that Target is one of the best stores for stacking. And they offer many other consumer-friendly features like the Red card, no-question-asked returns, great prices, clean and well-organized stores, free shipping from their website (using the Red card), etc.

    • BSloan profile image

      Barbara Sloan 5 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Great Hub. I'm an avid couponer and one of my favorite stores for stacking coupons is Target. Here in Miami we don't have stores that double coupons so stacking them is the next best thing.