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How to Use the Referral Program

Updated on March 12, 2011

How to Make Tracking Token Codes in the Webanswer Referral Program is a good way to make money by answering and asking questions. Once a user has answered 10 questions, invites the user to sign up for a Google AdSense account. At that time, the user can start making money on questions and answers they supplied by linking their Webanswers account to their existing Google AdSense account or to a newly created AdSense account. Click here for more information:

In addition to making money from questions and answers, users can now earn money by using Webanswer’s Referral Program. For to track which user has made a referral, users must use their unique code. calls these codes Tracking Tokens. Each user has a default code automatically generated. Users can also make their own unique codes, which give users a way to track from where their referral traffic is coming. For example, you could track all the traffic you generate from Hubpages.

Once signed into your account, go to “My Activity” or the “My Account” tab. Click on the link above “User’s Account Activity” and all the way to the right, that says “Referral Program.”

On the right hand side of the next page, is “Create Tracking Token Tracking Token:” Fill in this information with the identifying name you would like in the link. If you are interested in tracking traffic from your Hubpages, you might want this to be: YourNameHubpages. Below that is “Description:” Fill that field in with your description of that code.

EXAMPLE: “Create Tracking Token Tracking Token”: LydiasHubpages

EXAMPLE: “Description:” Lydia’s Hubpages

Click here to see Webanswer’s examples of tracking usage:

If you click on the above link, I will be able to see (in my Webanswers account) that traffic came from Hubpages.

Your URL that includes your tracking token (code) will always have at least three components:

1. the first must start with:

2. the second will be your unique code preceded with an underscore _ . (If you only use the automatically generated code, it will show traffic from all places lumped into one place.) In my example it would be _LydiasHubpages.

3. The third would be the page you want someone to land on. In the above example they would be landing on Webanswer’s Tracking Token page.

Once you have generated unique Tracking Tokens, you can go to any question or answer, scroll all the way to the very bottom of the page and click on “Link to this Page.” (You will especially want to do this for answers you have been awarded, to help increase traffic.) A box will pop up that will include:

Step 1: WebAnswers Tracker Code: This has a pull-down box. The pull-down box consists of your default code and any codes you have made. Choose the one you would like to use.

Step 2: HTML Link Title: This would be the title of the page you are linking to.

Step 3: URL: There are two links here:

a. The first shows the URL address for that page.

b. The second contains a link that will display the question with an embedded clickable link. Go to this page, to see how the second URL was used. Under the title "Link your Webanswers...AdSense Account" is the code I inserted from the second URL line that shows the question with a clickable link.

Click on the link, copy and paste into your desired blog, Hubpage, etc. Placing these in numerous places should help generate traffic to your Webanswer account.


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