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How To Write Quality E-Books By Being Yourself - Extra Christmas Money, Extra Income All Year

Updated on December 1, 2015

Clarity in Instructions for Creating High Quality E-Books

"U-PUB" for Wise Ones ~Just Be Yourself and Prosper

by Dr. CD Holmes-Miller


This is another expert testimony in the case of "write what you know."

I knew a bit about e-books before I read U-Pub. but was confused and thought I did not want to pursue freelance writing in this medium. However, U-Pub is written in such as way that it simplifies processes and eliminates confusion. In addition, it reviewed information that I already knew in a fresh way and added more information in understandable language. After reading U-Pub, I am ready to try e-books as an option for freelance writing.

Instructions are included for exactly how to place a publication on Kindle, iPad, Nook, and Koba e-readers, so U-Pub is extremely useful to writers in distributing their work for sale. A great updated version of the e-book is avaiable in December 2010 with instructions for using the free Borders Books website e-book tool as well. The web is calling out for e-book writers, it seems. 

Bishop CD MIller

Dr. Cheryl D. Miller, MS, MDiv, PhD, ThD, DD, publication designer, and Hubber.
Dr. Cheryl D. Miller, MS, MDiv, PhD, ThD, DD, publication designer, and Hubber. | Source

Bishop Miller on HubPages

By serendipity, U-Pub is authored by our own Hubber, Bishop CD Holmes-Miller. She began selling her e-book works the first day she posted it on the Internet. She has written several fascinating Hubs about multiculturalism and her multicultural lineage that you might enjoy. It is all an eye-opening account of the impact differences and fresh knowledge has upon one's life.


Publish for Kindle

Bishop DC Miller makes it easy to understand how to take a Word document and format it for Kindle and other e-books, then publish it online at

This inexpensive resource is an explanation, instructions, and relevant resource list of the Bishop's own work tools, links, and resources. She has been a quite successful publication designer as well as a successful Independent publisher on Hubpages, elsewhere in her career, and now through publishing e-books. A set of specialized templates for effective publication covers and Word documents included are very useful.

She has found that the information that individuals may not feel worthy of publication are bringing larger numbers of orders than expected, in a pleasant and lucarative surprise. This is especially useful and gratifying in an age in which the world is attempting to pull itself out of a recession during the years 2008 - 2010 or 2012. Many people are finding income and satisfaction through freelance writing and the e-book is another effective option for marketing and distribution.


Young Adult Reading and Busier Older Adults

I was talking with an author recently that had been speaking with middle- and high school students about their reading habits, school requirements, and the time allowed for reading in the 2010s. They have busy lives and a lot of homework, so not much time is left for reading something entertaining or even helpful, and few are speed readers. This is where the e-reader or e-book can help. Most of these youth reported that anything under 100 pages will attract their attention. The same is true of busy adults - even if they enjoy a long novel or history, having a chapter at a time on an e-book makes it much more convenient to read. In fact, James Patterson is an author that uses short, punchy chapters in many of his three-dimensional books and they attract many readers.

If you look at students today at The Ohio State University - and I remember carrying 50 pounds of books for my daily classes (no exaggeration) - you see a young person with good posture and a slimline laptop, a net nook, and a Kindle for assignments and downloaded reserve reading. That's less than 10 pounds and no backache. E-readers are the hot writing distribution tool these days, and they began with Captain Kirk's data Padd on Star Trek® in 1966. Science fiction became fact and saved many college and grad students from back problems in the 21st Century.

Bishop Miller Says

"Imagine the power of social media to the GLORY of GOD! Imagine the power of POSITIVE's a tool - social media - to the good or to the bad. Your choice!" - on Facebook at C.D. Holmes-Miller ~ The Write Way

Bishop Miller includes on her e-book her Top 10 Free Websites for aiding writers in e-book publication and blogging. With the Google Editions e-Book store opening at the end of December 2010, writing and publishing e-books is an even greater opportunity.

Everyone Has Useful Information

Everyone has something in his or her life to share that can help another person. In fact, some of the most useless, boring information (in their own minds) has actually attracted many readers once it was put into print. If you have never written anything, consider trying it soon.

If you are not a member of HubPages yet, then join today for free. There is never any cost to write and publish your stories, recipes, and other items on HubPages. Affiliate programs are optional and make some Hubbers a sizable income.

Also consider how you can publish your own material in e-books and increase your income. If you have been hit by the Recession, lost your job, and struggled to find another, these are stories that interest people. Be encouraged and be surprised.

© 2010 Patty Inglish MS


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