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How to complete the Prepaid Wireless E911 Fee Returns (E911-PPW)

Updated on January 10, 2016

These instructions follow the paper return and can be loosely applied to the online return as well (pages online may not follow the paper return line by line exactly).

Complete the back first, then move on to the front – why couldn’t they start a-h and 1 on the front, and do 2 -9 on the back? No idea, but let’s get started:

a-h: Enter the county name (if you don’t know put Nonspecific), the county code (leave blank if you don’t know), and the TOTAL amount you collected in fees for that county.

Line 1: Add together ALL of your fees entered on lines a-h, and enter them on line 1

Line 2: Write the amount you have on Line 1 on Line 2

Line 3: If you refunded any fees to customers during this period, you can claim those refunds on this line. DO NOT claim any credits that you have from FDOR on this line.

Line 4: Subtract the amount of Line 3 from the amount on Line 2, and enter your calculated amount of Line 4.

Line 5: If you file AND pay timely, FDOR will graciously give you 5% off your fee amount – with no max. Multiply Line 4 by .05, and enter your figure on Line 5.

Line 6: Subtract Line 5 from Line 4, and enter your calculated amount of Line 6.

* Just a few more lines, you’re almost done!*

Line 7: If you have any credits from FDOR (meaning you’ve received a credit memo or were told verbally on the phone the amount of your credit – sometimes you may want to verify through both routes), you can claim that amount on Line 7. The only catch is that the amount has to be less or equal to the amount on Line 6. Basically you can have a $0 amount due but not a negative amount due.

Line 8: If you file OR pay late – you’ll get hit with a penalty of 10% of the fee amount due. Subtract Line 7 from Line 4, and multiply by 0.10 and enter this amount on Line 8.

*if you have an amount on Line 5, you shouldn’t have an amount on Line 8. If you have an amount on Line 8, you shouldn’t have an amount on Line 5. It’s either you have a collection allowance, or have a penalty – not both. Yes, people do complete both).*

Line 9: If you are filing and paying on time then subtract line 7 from Line 6 and enter the amount on Line 9. If you are filing and paying late then add Line 7 and Line 8 together and enter the amount on Line 9.

And my friends, that is how you survive the Florida Prepaid Wireless E911 Fee Return. The only thing left for you to do is sign, date, send off with a check if this is a paper return or enter your banking information if you are filing online.


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