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How to get retail bargain

Updated on June 25, 2009

Retail Shopping for Bargain

Who does not like to bargain?

If you are going for a shopping, you always try to buy the things which are on special. It becomes more important if you are going in a retail store where you can choose yourself or ask the retail assistant for help.

In this hub i will give some tips to you which you can choose and apply for when you go shopping. I would like to show you how does a retail assistant sees you when you enter the shop and describe some customers coming to retail store.

This is human psychology of buying the things that they always look for some hot bargains or special prices even if they do not need those products.

I would like to focus in this hub how the retailers attract customers and on the same time how customers can make use of retail assistance's psychology to get best bargains. It is mutually satisfying as well as rewarding.

If you are thinking that i will tell you about some website that gives a website or tell you to budget your spending, No, i will not do anything like that. i will tell you what you should look for when you are buying things. I will concentrate on Hardware store as most of things which i am going to tell, apply to garden centre or hardware store.


Rules to get good bargain

  1. GREET THE SALES PERSON: You might be thinking that it should be the other way round, they should greet you as you are a customer and need a good customer service from them. No, You may be customer but they know more secrets than you know. They know more about the products, feed back from the customers, product quality, product brand and cost price. So always greet them and make them happy.
  2. ACT AS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT PRODUCT: Pretend that you do not know anything about the product, but at the same time be wise to extract the information what you are asking. Retail assistant or customer service members do not like the customers (MR KNOW IT ALL). This is my personnel experience if they see a customer who knows everything they try to avoid him/her. This sort of customer always buys the most crap product; because the crap the product the best it is advertised.
  3. FIRST LISTEN TO INFORMATION THEN READ THE LABEL: Some customer wants to read the label and know everything about the product which is not true e.g, if a fertiliser you are buying says good for indoor plants, you can get the same chemical compsoiton in other fertiliser at a cheaper price.
  4. LOOK FOR REDUCED TO CLEAR BIN/ PRICE SPECIAL BIN : Especially in hardware store nothing gets rotten, so while buying always try to look for bargain there as this bin comprises of mostly of the products which have end of line or on promotion. Do not buy any end of line if it needs some spare parts because you might not be able to get them later on but if you are buying some hammer, chisel, saw , secateurs etc you can get a very good bargain. WARNING: Never buy anything if it looks cheap to you because it may be a tactics to get rid of cheap non selling products.
  5. NEVER GET ATTRACTED TO SALE PROMOTION PAMPHLETS: These are all methods to get you in the store. e.g: if you see a 30mt hose for $15 dollars, when you go to buy that hose you will definitely find that it will not last longer.
  6. FIND AN HONEST SALE ASSISTANT: It is very difficult but not impossible, you will definitely find a good sales assistant in each department if you visit a hardware store regularly which you need to in case of hardware store.
  7. BE HONEST: If you are honest and does not pretend that you are rich, sales assistant can help you find the right product and right price. You can also get a bargain on delivery which also cost a lot .


How to get good bargain in Garden Centre

While buying plants, potting mix, fertilisers, weedkillers and chemicals for pest and weed control, all the above rule apply but you can yourself get some good bargains if you think wisely. i will explain it one by one:

  1. POTTING MIX:The fact is all the potting mix are all the same unless and until it is a very cheap brand. So always go for medium range and medium price, neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. They all work the same. Sometime same potting mix is sold in different packaging and you only pay for the package. (If in doubt ask the sales person).
  2. Compost: Same rule applies to compost aswell, if you buy in bulk you will get it more cheaper than in bags. Nothing major difference in different brands. But do not go for the cheapest. You get what you pay for.
  3. Fertiliser: They come in form of granules, liquid fertilisers and soluble powders. if you can mix always go for soluble powder or liquid fertilisers, they always give more value for money. Always look for NPK concentration on back. N, P, K stands for Nitrogen ,Phosphorus and Potassium concentration respectively. You can get a 10 kg bag for $10 dollars and 20 kg bag for $10 dollars, the only difference would be the NPK concentration. so do not go by quantity always go by quality. Try to buy all purpose fertiliser because they can serve all your plant needs (BUY ONLY SPECIFIC FORMULATIONS FOR ORCHID, BULB OR POTATO FOOD AS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC NUTRIENT REQUIREMTN)
  4. PESTICIDES/WEEDICIDES: Always look for the chemical instead of looking for the brand name because you shold know your chemical concentration not the brand name. You do not want to pay for the bottle and packing when you can pay for chemicals. i am thinking of a hub explaining different chemicals and brands.
  5. COMBO CHEMICALS: These are specific chemicals which come in combination of chemicals. e.g, Weed and Feed : It kills the broad leaf weeds in lawn and at the same time fertilise your lawn. Guard All: A chemical combination which take care of most of insects and pest. Always plan ahead and you will find that in this way you can save time and money.
  6. BUYING PLANTS: In garden centre you will always find that there are some plants reduce to clear, there is nothing wrong with them, either they need to be cleared due to next promotion coming or they are off season. if you know gardening you can revive them. Same is the story with trees. Buying off season plant is the best method to have a huge collection of exotic plants because no body buys them in off season.
  7. BUY MINIATURE PLANTS: You can get plants in different sizes, if you do not want an instant garden you can buy the same varities of plant in small pots and see them grow yourself.
  8. BUY VEGETABLE SEEDS: They are always cheaper then seedlings, try them and you will succeed in no time.

Celebrate with a Price Promise


Now a days to beat the competition each and every retail store has some price promise. Some retail store match the price with other stores, some reduce the price with 15% and some garden centre retail centre also replaces the plant(if your plant does not survive) if you provide proof of purchase. I know stores like Bunnings and Mitre 10 in New zeland promise to reduce the price by 15% if you prove the same item at lower price at some local store. This is very easy to find if you are aware enough and do a little bit of research before buying anything.



all the images on this page have been taken from

i appreciate their hard work, thanks


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    • Hilly Chism profile image

      Hilly Chism 8 years ago from Holland

      Very good advice, thank you.