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Retail Bargain Shopping Game

Updated on June 25, 2009

Retail Bargain Shopping Game

In this time of recession can shopping in a retail store be a game or more of a hassle? My answer is that it can be a game if your start enjoying it and do a little bit of research. Whenever you go to purchase something from K mart, Mitre 10, Bunnings, Warehouse, Walmart or place makers, they have one thing common in them.

Can you guess?

All of them have divided their store in certain categories or department and all of them are selling certain brands or certain chemicals or certain tools which they have to sell at any cost as they are very popular brand names.

But now the question arises that how you can get a good bargain and save money on your shopping. You need to have only three things to enjoy this game and save money.

But before i tell you what you need to do or what three things you should have, please try to understand a little bit of psychology of selling the things. As i told you that each hardware or even if it is not a hardware store, needs to sell each and every thing under certain categories.

Lets understand it with an example.

Suppose you want to buy a weedkiller or a fertilizer (all purpose) where would you like to go:-

  1. Mitre 10, Bunnings Warehouse, Place makers (Hardware store, garden centre)
  2. Foodtown (Grocery store)
  3. Countdown (Grocery store)
  4. Pak n Sav (Cheap grocery store)

out of all the options what would you choose to buy a weedkiller?

The most common answer will be a hardware store with a garden centre so your answer is 1.

But do you know that all the hardware stores know this answer so they will charge you a lot because they know that you are smart and going to come to a hardware store to buy a weedkiller .

On the other hand the grocery stores need only to have a weedkiller, just to add one department or more category to their store. They need not to have an expert to tell you how it works, whats the benefits of that product etc, etc., so they do not have a category manager on that product whereas in a hardware store they have separate department and separate category manager for the same item.

Now i think you can understand my point. So, if you are buying a weedkiller from a hardware store you have to pay more magrin than in a grocery store for the same weedkiller.

Now are ready to play the game?

Three Important Things you should have

  1. Knowledge: You should have the knowledge of the product(brand of the product) or the chemical composition of the product (if buying a chemical). If you know your product you do not need to ask a sales person or to choose between different product. we take an example of weedkiller. If you are buying a general purpose weedkiller and you know it is Glyphosate 360g/litre (BRAND : ROUND UP) you can call the stores and ask for the chemical or the brand, if they have it in their stock; because all of them should have it as it is best brand or sometime they have their own brands to prevent competition or price promise. in that case also you can get the same chemical at better price.
  2. Phone : That is for sure that you all have, but you need to call also, because sometime we are so lazy to make an enquiry. I assure you that if you call and ask for help you will definitely get it and save some money. So call them and enquire about the product you want.
  3. Price List and Price Promise List: Always prepare a list when you make an enquiry always ask about the price promise which you can use as a reference later on. Some store match the price and some store reduce it by 15% to 20%, so you can tell them about the particular store which is giving the same product at a lower price and to beat the competition they will beat it and you get a good bargain. THE PRICE IS ALWAYS MATCHED ON THE SAME PRODUCT (BRAND NAME) NOT AT THE SAME CHEMICAL.

This game is not over unless and until you have saved some money. So try to make a list in your diary on in computer in Excel spreadsheet and every time you save some money by this method make an account and i assure you that if you save $100 dollars at the end of you month you would definitely bless me. YOU CAN ALSO VISIT MY HUB TO KNOW MORE ABOUT RETAIL BARGAINING.

Enjoy the shopping.


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    • profile image

      Charles Miller 8 years ago

      Good point!

      Many larger stores often still have the same purchasing power compared to the smaller hardware stores.

      The other alternate is going to the mega store for pharmacuticals as opposed to the pharmacy

    • Hilly Chism profile image

      Hilly Chism 8 years ago from Holland

      Good game, money flows through my hands like sand so I'll give it a try.