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How to make money appear quickly out from nowhere - ten simple ways

Updated on December 11, 2011
Money Tree
Money Tree

The best ways of making quick money easily

This guide will tell you how to make money quickly with 10 easy ways of earning some cash either online or at home. These tips have worked for me especially while at college living as a student. Do you have bad credit but want a quick way of just getting your hands on money? Do you sometimes feel so broke you get frustrated at yourself? Do yo wish you could just magic money out of nowhere? Well you might be surprised how quickly you can make it appear out of nowhere!

Ten top tips

  1. Sell your gold - selling your gold is a quick and easy way to make use of that old jewellery that you don't use. Maybe you have an old gold container or an old ring you that is just taking up space and gathering dust. Silver can be sold too but its just a matter of finding the best deal online or in local silversmiths. 
  2. Apply for a bad credit loan - loads of companies on the internet offer easy quick payday advance loans. Most of these companies don't do any credit checks and offer qucik same day payment. Some require you to fax in copies of your documents but just search for "faxles blah bla" to filter them out. With the gurantee of your wage slip, you can find very low apr for unsecured loans. Many people don't have jobs but the ones who do are still a bit short of cash.
  3. Sell old appliances - did you upgrade your computer recently and have an old monitor lying around? You'll be surprised how many items you might have in storage that people desperately seek and could make you some easy cash. Some places like pawn shops over value certain goods, what you might think is worth nothing could end up paying out much more than you think. Auctions are also good for selling appliances online, bidders tend to compete towards the end of the auction which obviously works to your advantage.
  4. Recycle your mobile phone - many companies pay a cash advance for your old mobile phone. It is good for the environment and takes the hassle out of finding the correct way of disposing your old handset. You can also take them into phone shops, the owners normally pay for old handsets because they can recondition them and sell them on for a profit. Sometimes you can also refurbish your old phone and sell it to a friend or phone shop for a profit.
  5. Copper - do you have any old copper items like piping and old fittings, maybe even an old boiler? Copper is in high demand and many coppersmiths pay a lot of money for it. Because of the high demand for copper, the price has gone up allowing people to sell off their old copper and make some quick money.
  6. Blogging - writing your everyday activities online can be a way of making making some money fast. You can sign up for advertising programs such as google adwords which displays ads and pays you out for clicks and a certain number of page impressions. The key is finding your own unique subject to write about, one that many people want to know but not many people write about it. You can take it from a different angle where people just become your fans and follow your day to day life.That a bit too scary for me though. Many people do it but most use fictional characters to avoid stalkers and wierdo's.
  7. Advertise on your car - do you drive around a lot? Does your job require you to drive up and down the country? A lot of advertising companies pay people to display ads on their cars. They sometimes measure your mileage and pay you based on the distance your have drove. Others pay a flat rate for putting ads on your vehicle and it has been proved a very good source of easy income.
  8. Buy and sell stuff - search the classifieds and look for good bargains and grab them up quick. You can aslo check second hand stores and used goods online. You can buy it the product real quickly and then sell it off for more. Just place a free ad on a classifieds website or in a free newspaper. You could also try selling it online, putting it on auction with a profitable reserve.
  9. Apply for grants - do you have a special talent? Are you real good at something that you think someone out there would pay for? Literally go out there and look for the people who you think would want to invest in you. If you are a salesman, make a bid to a distribution company. Write up a nice letter and basically ask them to pay for something that would better your talent so you can work for them in return. Don't confuse this for an apprenticeship as doing it this way would leave you with less ties to the firm and more gain on your behalf. Search the internet for grants that you don't have to pay back, many people have trusts and funds available to the public. You just have to search them out and look for the ones you qualify for.
  10. Ask friends or family - a friend in need is a friend indeed. So are family. If you need some money real quick you can easily get it by asking your peers and relatives. If they really care about you that much, they would not want to see you without any money. When you are broke you tend to hide it and you do a good job of it. They don't know that you don't have any money so they won't give you. Just ask politely but don't make it a habit.

Keep in mind

All of these tips have worked for me and I recommend you try them if you find yourself with little money. If you ever find yourself short, remember to come back and these these great tips to keep that little extra in your pocket. Do not make a habit of applying for bad credit loans too often as you might find yourself being tempted for higher cash loans based on your internal company record. These sometimes come with higher interest rates than normal and is considered the catch with these quick easy loans. They lure you with the good stuff and over time trap you with other loans that you did not initially think out. Be smart and take advantage of the introductory stuff but never get carried away with their "great offers" as there is more than likely a catch hidden in there somewhere.


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    • Marian Designs profile image

      Marian Cates 

      5 years ago from Columbia River Gorge, WA

      Good tips.

    • motricio profile image

      Mauricio Rodriguez 

      9 years ago from Bogota DC, Colombia

      Men you realy do a great job with your hubs, keep it up!

    • retellect profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      No problem paradise7, glad to know you found it interesting! :)

    • Paradise7 profile image


      9 years ago from Upstate New York

      There we go. It's a plan, at least, and one thing that empowers people is a plan. Preferably a multi-faceted plan, so if one thing doesn't work out, another thing might. It gives hope for the future and a forward look, rather than that hopeless, "I have no money, what do I do?" Thanks for a very good hub.

    • retellect profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Its a chance worth taking, if you truly believe that your knowledge will help businessthey will surely invest in you. Its not easy, but its up to you to convince them that you can make them even more!

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 

      9 years ago

      I like the advertising on your car idea. Not so sure about the grants being easy, but I have only dealt with government grants, so others might be different.

      Good ideas here.


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