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How to use your smart phone productively to save time and money

Updated on September 16, 2012

Smartphone which we carry everywhere with us helps us to make smart informative decision to actually save money on shopping, travelling, reading and communication.


Smartphone helps find the cheaper way of doing things. You can find the closest fee free ATMs. Smartphone shows cheapest price of the products. There are applications that collect data by crowd sourcing methodology such as GasBuddy application collects gas prices from subscribed users from the gas station and provide the information free for others to look and make informed decision. You can check price of the good with Amazon and eBay application by taking a picture of the bar code. Applications automatically looks the database finds the product and display its prices instantaneously

Smartphone organizes your life. You can closely follow up your grocery shopping list and then based on your shopping list; you can use application to take advantage of discount coupon.


You can use turn by turn direction to get your destination via the shortest path or through toll fee path. You can view traffic information in Google maps and avoid traffic jam, therefore save time and money.

If you are getting to work by public transportation such as bus, ferry or train. You can use your smartphone spend your time efficiently and productively. See this hub for more detail.

You can deposit your check by using online banking application.Just capture the check image. Online banking application will tell you the value and deposit your check.

Check weather forecast before leaving the house. You will wear accordingly avoid any sickness.


Having internet connectivity and portability combined with search capability, smartphone is perfect for news consumption and reading digital book and online newspaper. Amazon build future platform by introducing Kindle and Kindle Fire then make Kindle e-reader available for smartphone. You can start reading at home in your PC, when you are on the road, you can continue reading in your smartphone where you left off.

Take picture of the things, you need to remember. It is faster than writing down.


Another benefit of the smartphone is to enable you to communicate in many ways. You can text to reach out someone outside of the country much cheaper than actually calling and talking to them. You can chat with them in Facebook with wifi connection will cost you nothing. Also, it is even better if you use Skype or Tango to have face time talk. As long as you are within your data plan or wifi connection, it will be free.

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