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How to save on banking

Updated on October 28, 2012

Best practices for those with banking accounts

Do you have a bank account that is driving you crazy with excessive fees? Are you scared to withdraw money because of fear that you will be charged no matter if it’s done with a teller or an ATM? In this article I will discuss easy ways to save money on your banking, and how to choose the right bank account for you. Let online banking and direct deposit be key factors when choosing which bank will get your money. Find out how when you pay with your bank account, you can save time and money. All online banking is not free, so look for banks that offer free internet banking, as well as free online banking bill payment.

Avoid ATM fees

One of the easiest fees to avoid are the notorious ATM fees, but still each year banks make millions from atm bank fees alone. As much as possible you should be working with a bank that has many ATM locations in your area. If you are not aware of your bank atms, you can use the atm locator app. This will help you just incase you need to grab some cash in an emergency. Using another banks ATM will cost you $2 to $3 per transaction, plus in some cases your own bank may charge you the same fee for not using theirs. If you are in a store use debit and get cash back instead. And if you are planning a trip check to see if the bank you are using has branches in that particular area. Automated teller machine fees can become very costly if you are not careful.

Direct Deposit

There are many benefits to having you paycheck directly deposited in to your bank account. First you don’t have to worry about you check being lost or stolen. Coming from someone who has had a check lost it is not a fun experience. Some banks also will give you rewards like money or other rewards for using this service. Direct deposit also saves lots of time because you do not have to visit the bank every time you get paid.

Use online bill pay

Online bill pay is a great way of saving money, not only on check fees but also on postage fees. Most banks offer free online bill pay as a way to bring in more customers. Online bill pay eliminates the stress of wondering if you check will make it in on time, or if the payment will be lost. You can also set up your payments to be sent when you want.


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