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Poor white Trash...(should our babies really be used as a food source)

Updated on May 1, 2011



When I was a child I had not ever heard of Family and children services, assistance or the like.

I do recall I had a friend that got free lunches, and I asked my mother if I could have a free lunch like Lois her reply was you will learn soon enough there are no free lunches a price is paid by someone somewhere sometime no exception She was correct.

She would then speak of food lines in the great depression and you could hear the flutes and violins play as she spoke of the man that hung the moon, and handed out sugar a rare commodity in those times, opened soup lines, and the like. Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), such greatness would not be ours to behold again until President Kennedy. ( According to momma, she did so remind me of “Granny” on the Beverly Hillbillies as she said until she died that the war between the north and the south would not ever be over, how then could one say the south had lost!!! She was teasing of course.)

I secretly adored George Bernard Shaw only because I loved his quotes as I have always had an affinity for the written word and he was such a writer My mother declared “his bread ain't done” meaning he didn't think clearly because his mind was not She actually forbid you to speak well of him in her presence.

She was of course referring to his take on the poor that Shaw deemed useless, and should be eradicated.

She held him in the same category as 18th century, Jonathon swift who thought the babies of poor people should and could be used as a food source!!

(which of course meant the lot of us should be pulverized.)

In later years, she gave me her take on Newt Gingrich It was about the same, people that forgot that their station in life was not always where they were... when they came up with these flawed plans to improve the world and or socialization.

I suspect if Robert Gingrich had not come into Newt Gingrich's life when and to the degree he did, (marrying his then single mom) his life would have been quite different,who is to say his ideas of welfare reform and the placing of underprivileged children might have been quite different had that not been the case. Would he then have been considered a possible source of food? Would he have still had the idea to prohibit states from paying welfare benefits for two groups of children: Those whose paternity was unknown, and those born illegitimate to women under age Claiming monies saved could be used perhaps to build, and manage orphanages, and halfway type housing for unwed mothers had he not, but for the grace of God been included amongst! (us.)

My father didn't waste money, we all wore hand me downs, there was no such thing as buying something because you wanted it, a purchase was only made if there was a legitimate need. The garden was planted and the yield canned by the women. A hog was killed on occasion and sausage made from the less than edible parts. I am not certain, but, I think we would have been considered eligible for welfare, LOL.

My parents use to say charity begins at home and the world would do well to remember that fact. Home included your neighborhood and your church where everyone saw about their own.

I suspect we would have done ourselves and our country a great disservice had we done away with the Abraham Lincolns that were not born into privilege.

How can you penalize a child for having the misfortune to be born to a certain economic level.

Certainly you would not be reading this for I would have been destroyed at birth being born as it were “poor white trash”..LOL.


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