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Illiteracy and No Education Equals No Money

Updated on September 30, 2014

Let's Think Together


Being an illiterate or a low class citizen is the same as being handicapped in the American society. One is unable to keep up financially in both scenarios. A financial problem is a devastating problem that is caused by several factors. One of these factors is illiteracy. In the articles " The Human Cost of Illiteracy" and " Serving in Florida" a difficulty due to a bad financial situation because of illiteracy is discussed. I will be addressing these difficulties and supporting my opinion on what I believe should be done to assist these victims.

It is very rare for an illiterate to be in a good financial standing. It is also very rare for a waitress as in " Serving in Florida" to be in a good financial situation. These two positions are handicaps in the society. Both people lack education. The only difference is that the waitress has a means of survival by at least being able to read while the illiterate do not.

It is stated in the article about illiterates that they cannot read their lease before renting an apartment. This is a big problem because even though they might have somehow raised money for the apartment; they do not know the cost of the place in writing. It's as if they've lost all their rights to a educational incapability. Similarly, it is also a financial bondage working as a waitress where one's pay check is minimum wage or below. One might know one's right as an individual and possess the knowledge on how to get better, but then one becomes stuck in poverty. A handicapped person might know they are handicapped and might get someone to push them; but a person who can walk but can't move does not get any help but judgment.

It seems to me however that the society we live in is more than aware of its environment. If one is not aware of one's environment, then it is essential that we look around and observe these calamities. The community can help the victims financially in two ways. First they can create an attainable educational goal for the waitress and the illiterates. Two, they can create a support system or group that is in the same position so that these people do not feel out of place. The reason for the first solution is to help in an active way. By us raising awareness through articles such as these, it's now time to do something to assist these folks. The second aid is very important because most people who are illiterate or low earners do not fit into society and might not be motivated to express their needs. In a position where they are able to come together as one and see the flaws in this system, and see that they are not alone, the action will succeed even better.

An illiterate as well as a victim of little education are in the same position of being in the lower economic status. They're financial status is the same. Therefore they are the same in the face of society. As a more aware and resourceful society, we can do something to help. Let's establish a culture in the status-quo that helps the lower classes as well as illiterates; this culture should be education. Education is the key to treasures and these treasures are the key to the end of poverty.


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