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Frugal Lifestyle: I'm Living Cheap, And Loving It!

Updated on December 25, 2014

Everyday Is A Budget Day When You're Frugal

I am a frugaholic....and my name is Sharon (aka, imatellmuva). Looking for and finding deals is exciting to me. I haven't resorted to the potted meat...yet!

My Grandmother used to say, "Life is about Living!" Well...I'm doing just that, but not actually how I hoped, dreamed and planned. I live a frugal life, a life that's absent of the freedom I once had. I have to watch my expenses, consider my next move, and find the scissors so I can clip coupons..."Where are my scissors?!"

Living frugally, which by my life experience is not bad...not too bad. The current economic climate has many people in turmoil. This is understandable, because everyone's ability to maintain a former standard of living is not the same. While it can be challenging for many, it does not necessarily have to be difficult for most. Living a frugal lifestyle is a choice for some, and a means of getting by to others. For me, it's Fundamental+Fulfilling+Fabulous. This equals FRUGALISCIOUS...yeah baby...yeah!!!!!

Finding bargains is not as easy as it once was, but there are still bargains to be found. It can be fun...really! You might have to doctor-up the store brand, but the store brand is actually better than it used to be. I'll shop almost anywhere, but I'm still going to the clearance shelf first.


These are things that I do, and live by, because I'm Frugal And I Love It!:

  • It's Mine Now -If you buy it and return it, then I'm going to get it! Thank You!!
  • Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory of the...Clearance Shelf!- That's right folks!! If it's discounted, then it wasn't worth the regular retail price anyway!
  • It's Smarter To Barter- If you have a talent use it! (I'm talking about decent stuff folks).
  • Searching High And Low- ...LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! If you stash something in a store, in hopes to purchase it later, don't bother. I found it, and I'm already at the register getting a discount for it. Teehee!!
  • Look Out...Catch - When life throws you lemons, buy limes...they're cheaper.
  • Buyer Beware- Sale tags do not always denote a bargain. Do the math! You just might come out cheaper buying another brand. Can't do the math use a calculator...your cell phone has one. Uhm...I have to use mine!
  • It's A Trap - Don't fall for the must buy two or more to get the sale price. Now you have all that mayonnaise, and can't make a sandwich!! Buy what you need. If it's going to be on a shelf, let it stay on the Supermarket shelf. That's right!
  • Get To Stepp'n - Have your shoes repaired by a shoe cobbler. Stop running to the mall to buy new shoes every time your heels are leaning. I have a shoe cobbler who does a wonderful job, so much so, that I'm unsure if the shoes I pick up are really mine...they look so new! There are shoe cobblers at the mall too...just so you know.
  • Thrifty is Nifty- Many people don't like used clothing, but if you slide your armpits and other things (unmentionable) into clothes in a dressing room of a regular retail store, then that item is now USED! I can't always afford my taste, so I have select consignment stores where I shop regularly, and chile' I am styl'n!!!


  • High and Dry - I have two very, very nice winter coats that I purchased from a drycleaner. Yup!! Keep taking your items to the drycleaner and forget about them. Drycleaners can't hold your items forever! Just don't get mad if you see me rock'n your stuff! I can't get mad...cause I'm styl'n!!
  • Hey Dollar Dollar- Dollar stores of course have cheap items that are only worth a dollar...or less, but often times have buyouts from regular retail stores. Once I hosted a beauty make-over day for my nieces, young cousins and their friends. I went to my local Dollar Tree store and found Bratz make-up bags! That's Right! The bags included nail polish, eyeshadow and lip gloss. Can you say JACKPOT?!
  • Are You Going To Eat That? - I can not stand to waste food! So an easy remedy is to turn leftover's from today's dinner into tomorrow's breakfast, and breakfast into lunch and so on. I don't think this will work well if you have soup for dinner though.
  • Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath - I am the water time keeper! With the exception of a trickle of water in the laundry tub during the winter months (avoids pipes from freezing), water use is limited. Five minutes is the limit for a shower, and if shower usage exceeds this limit...let's just say that you'll be clean, but sudsy and ashy!!
  • A Cardigan, No A Cable - I only have basic cable. I know......boooooo.....boooooo! But that's okay, my bill is less than $20.00 a there!
  • Where's The Phone ? - I don't have a landline. I canceled the service when I realized I was only using the landline to find my cell phone! Thanks Darlene Robinson for the reminder!
  • I Just Passed Gas - The Station...!!! I plan my trips so that the stores where I shop are in close proximity. This saves on gas, time and my nerves!!
  • Alley Oop - I have a beautiful 33"x45" African painting on my accent wall, that was an alley! Yup!! There's no need to call for a Bulk Trash pick-up! I can be there in five frugal minutes! **disclaimer - Alley shopping, as I call it is not for everyone. I do not recommend this activity. This is just what I do!**
  • The Diva Dive - This is a nice term for dumpster diving. Yeah I did!! In a suit and heels too! I was on my way home, taking a short cut behind a shopping center, and drove past a dumpster. I then asked myself, "Was that a wrought iron chair hanging from the side?" I threw the car in reverse, got out (put the car in park first...of course). Lo and behold, there were (4) wrought iron chairs! Hallelujah!!! I got my rope...yup, I keep rope in the car. Strapped them babies on, took them home, then went to Home Depot and bought paint to match the wrought iron railings on my porch. I cleaned the chairs, then painted them...AND I must say they look MARVELOUS!!! **disclaimer - dumpster diving is not for everyone. I do not recommend this activity. This is just what I do!**

These are only a few ways that I live frugally. You may think she's not frugal, she's cheap...and crazy! Call me what you want, but this works for can work for you too...except for the crazy part!!


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