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Inbox Dollars VS Swagbucks

Updated on May 31, 2011

What is

Swagbucks is an online site that allows many users to earn swagbuck dollars in exchange for free things. Swagbucks allows many people to search the web, take trusted surveys, complete special offers, vote in the daily poll, find sawg codes, watch videos, and even trade in cell phones and video games. You can do all of these things and redeem what they call, swagbucks. Once you have earned enough of these swagbuck dollars, you can then shop at their online swagbuck shop for some cool, free stuff. They actually have some really nice merchandise that you can use your bucks for. Swagbucks will give anyone 30 free swagbucks just for signing up with them. This is a good start, and will help you start earning even faster.

What is

Inbox dollars allows people to read emails, take surveys, search the web, shop online, play games, redeem coupons, and even more in exchange for cash. This is actual money that you can earn to go into your pockets. Once you have reached $30, they will allow you to cash out. It is easy, and free to sign up. They will credit your account with $5, just for joining.That is defintely a great start. You can do all of these things and more, and earn cash or even cash back just for participating.

Swagbucks VS Inbox Dollars

There are a few differences within these two sites. Swagbucks does not allow you to cash out the money for actual cash. The money that you earn from swagbucks is considered swagbuck dollars, and can only be redeemed through them by purchasing merchandise. You cannot receive actual cash through them. With inboxdollars, the points that you earn from taking surveys, etc. turns into actual cash. You can redeem this money once it reaches $30. This is a good way to earn a little side cash. You have a preference. Whether you want to just do things for fun online and are not necessarily looking for real money, just cool things for free, then swagbucks will be a good option for you. But if you are looking for ways to make a little side cash online by taking surveys, etc. inbox dollars is defintely for you.

Although there are some differences, some similarities still exist between inbox dollars and swagbucks. For one, they are both online websites that offer people the chance to take surveys, play games, shop online, vote, and even watch videos, all in exchange for points, or cash. That is the biggest similarity that these two share. Both of these sites do not allow you to cash out anything until you have reached a certain number of points or dollars in your account. Each site has a different amount, but both in exchange for some neat prizes. They both allow you to redeem grocery coupons. If you ever look for grocery coupons, using these sites will get you some nice ones. They will really benefit you. They use these as special offers. Both of these sites also offer people who are new and just signing up a free bonus to start you off with. Inboxdollars will start you off with $5 in your account, and swagbucks will start you off with 30 swagbucks to go into your account.


These are two of the most popular websites online that offer people a chance to do things that they love in exchange for cash and prizes. People love to be rewarded for such things such as taking surveys, and reading emails. Shopping is even something bigger that is being offered in exchange for cash. Signing up is free for both of these websites. Take advantage of what these sites have to offer you. You will not be disappointed.


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    • profile image

      Jamie 3 years ago

      Technically swagbucks will pay yopain cash. You can get your swagbucks redeemed for PayPal credit and it will be sent to your PayPal account where you can send it to your checking account.

    • botipton profile image

      Bo Tipton 6 years ago from Cecilia, KY

      Good information. I have been doing Swagbucks for awhile for the Amazon Gift Cards. It works for me using Swagbucks for all my searches. Takes a few seconds longer but gives me $10 to $20 a month in Amazon cards for doing what I do anyway. I have never heard of Inbox dollars and will check them out. Thanks

    • tjml profile image

      tjml 6 years ago

      Thank you Maira818! very nice information about InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

    • missnisha profile image

      missnisha 6 years ago from Southern California

      I didn't know about Inbox Dollars. I'm signed up with Swag Bucks and haven't gotten a lot out of using them thus far. I'll definitely take a look at the other company. Thanks for this article!