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Infolinks : The best way to monetize your website

Updated on May 7, 2012

You have now created a website.... Optimized it for the Search engines... and your website is place in the top. You are getting loads of traffic now . finally your hard work starting to give fruit.. So why don't you use those traffic to give yourself a treat? Nice idea isn't it?

I just want to say is that you can turn your traffic into money( extra revenue).. simply by sitting at your home .There are several ways to monetize your website. Several companies all over the globe that pay you for Advertising for them.. This type of advertising is called PTC ( Payed To Click ) , it can be in the form of in text ads or in form of banners( sized according to your choice ). But i prefer In Text Ads . They are very compact, do not require extra space which in contrast to banners and posters which require a specific place to place in. Some of the best in text ad companies are (1) INFOLINKS (2)Clicksor (3) Kontera (4) AdBrite (5)BidVertiser

But undoubtedly Infolinks provide the best contextual ads service compared with any other programs. It can be an awesome alternative to Google Adsense (Which is best in its kind). Unlike Google Adsense or Clicksor you dont have to wait 6 months or get a minimum amount or traffic level to qualify.. Infolinks has no constraints attached . Even a site with very less traffic (Ex. A new website) can use and earn from Infolinks..

Earnings From Infolinks

Infolinks claim to be the best in In Text Ads , No doubt they are!

Once you get enough traffic you can earn around $25 or More! each day! For a starter like me it can be around $1~2 per day.. i.e. you get $4~7 eCPM every day in an average .Thats impressive! as compared to Kontera, About 200% more revenue! i have been using Kontera for a month and the daily earnings are nothing compared to Infolinks . Google Adsense and infolinks earnings are in a tie position for me.

More about Infolinks: interface and setup

For Google Adsence you need to rearrange your webpage or stuff them in the free spaces but in case of infolinks , No extra space is required .

Infolinks Setup : Once you join infolinks and your website gets approved( takes MAXimun 24Hrs) , you will be given a <script>... </script> code.. just paste it in your webpage footer just above </body> . and Within matter of seconds ads start to show up on your webpage.

Interface: The keywords get double underlined and when the viewer points on it the ad pops up , like i have shown in the screen-shot of my webpage below. Its clean , sleek and smooth. you can even control which part of your webpage you want include and which part to exclude. Customize the color , that suits your website . You can restrict the number of Ads display in your page . and can convert double line to single line too. It Does not effect your webpage loading time. All the ads are relevant to the keywords..

Thats in your webpage part.. Now when you login to your account in infolinks you will see very clean tabular interface recording, your net Impressions and CTR ( Click Through Rates ) and your eCPM ( Cost per Mili ) , every day any every month.

Recently infolinks have introduced plugins for wordpress and 1 minute integration for bloggers blog for quick and easy install.

Infolinks - Wacky Double with a Bubble


I have got the best experience with the support of infolinks .. they give reply to your queries within 15mins .. And replies are all up to your satisfaction that you need not e-mail them again and again ..  Now thats What i call Speed and Accuracy .. 

i am happy to be a part of it!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hy, i just signed up at infolinks with my website .

      This is just great, thanks for the post !

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hey, this is Tammy from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing this great post with your readers. we are the leading In-Text ad provider and we guarantee the highest payouts in the industry. :) Feel free to email us with any questions that you may have -

      Happy blogging,



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