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How to get Google Adsense Account using Youtube Quick and Easy Tutorial

Updated on May 6, 2017

Adsense approval these days :(

Getting an Adsense Application approved a website is a hard nut to crack these days(2011-2012). It is even tougher if you are in INDIA, where Google Adsense Moderators added lot many constrains like the most famous one " the site must have 6 months worth of Quality and Original content and should be owned for 6 months or more " etc etc.. I am from India and this situation was no different for me but still i managed get my self an adsense account :D . So i would like to share the steps of getting appoved (in 2-3 day most probably).

My story

i was using Infolinks for my websites at the beginning. But since past 1 year i had a craze to get an Adsense account. As i got inspired from my friend who showed his Adsense dashboard with a pritty good CPC(Cost Per Click) and eCPM(Cost per Mil) or the best i ever seen. Frankly speaking.. Infolinks' eCPM was significantly lower ("sorry, infolinks :-s no hard feelings" ) than my friends Adsense.. So i decided to write blogs at blogspot. Because thats where my friend got his adsense..

My blogs were all about free computer tips and all those stuff.. posted 2 blogs per day for 2 months. That would be enough for getting my application approved. I submitted the application for monetization(fingers crossed).. But NO! they wont accept because of "Page Type " .. OK!(*shigh* never mind i will try once again..) .Then i added more content to it.. And reapplied, but still they wont accept.. I got frustrated ~X( and resubmitted once again the very same hour i got the disapproval email... but OMG! they replied within 1/2hr and my account was disabled -_- ! Boy! what a bummer! ..

Then i did something that every one might have done.. well.. you guessed it! created a new account :D .

Google also recommends to use another account if your application was disapproved and cant login Eg, if you get a message like:-

Account Not Active
An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as it is associated with an unapproved application. For more information about your application, please review the message we sent to the email address you provided with your application.

However if your account/linked-email was banned, then you will not be allowed to use Adsense ever. You can refer to the Google Adsense support FAQs regarding disapproved accounts / applications for more details.

So.. Where was i.. Ah yes.. a New Account.. I saved that account for official use only and didn't ever apply for adsense from that account till then.. I gave up .. "my blogs never gonna be accepted again" .. Got bored and logged to my youtube channel. and.. {{O.O!}} Sweet mother of God! .. Google is inviting me for youtube partnership to monetize the video i posted recently about "How to import Facebook contacts to Google+ without any 3rd party extensions " Theres where the real story begins.

My Video that got me adsense

Step1:- UPLOAD a video

CREATE a video . when i stress on create then you should really create! There are several ways to create a video.. Seriously! do i need to tell.. Ah! never mind.. i will tell.. -_- . You can create a video like your college cultural events OR some bloopers u saw on the road OR You be an actor in your short movie OR like me you can ScreenCast .. Any thing... Just MAKE it! It should be your own obviously.. Dont use videos like Original music videos, TV shows etc...the stuff that are not your creation...
here... may be this will help u understand the Qualification rules better

[TIP: Be Creative and put your thinking caps on!]

UPLOAD :- Once you are done with your video and editing stuffs.. you can upload the video.. Make use of proper keywords and description that best describes your video so that people("traffic" <-- webmasters jargon :D ) can get to you.. Once you are all set with that.. time to tell the world..!

Do NOT use the Youtube Audio Enhancement if you want to Monetize your video. Both your video and the audio must be your own.. Youtube says:-

Please note: When you add a new soundtrack, the audio track on your video will be replaced. After you change your video's soundtrack to one from the AudioSwap library, the video won't be eligible for revenue sharing. Advertisements may be displayed on videos that contain soundtracks from the AudioSwap library.


Step2:- Promote

PROMOTE:- This step is very Important.. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google Plus, etc.. to share the video link .. or simply tell your friends via phone etc.. just spread the news.. That's all you can do.. But this will last only for a one weeks or two.. But After that!? o.O! Now Remember i said earlier about using good keywords and description... this is where it plays its role.. Be very Precise and Accurate ...

Step3:- Give yourself a break

WAIT : keep waiting(2-3 days or 1month at max) till get quite a good amount of traffic/views every day OR have reached more than 600 views in a week. Then Log in to your youtube account..

Step4:- YouTube Partnership Invitited and Adsense account created..

You should have got an invite by Google Youtube Partnership program by then.. Then Simply Click on the accept go through the steps(simple 4 steps) and your Adsense account will be ready within 1-2 hours..

BUT But BUT... That didn't happen in my case :'( .. When i clicked on the dialogue it took me to a page where i had to choose whether i want to use my existing Adsense account or create a new Adsense account . O.o! So... I clicked on " create a new Adsense Account "(obviously), but it said..

"Your Account is associated with an disapproved Adsense Application. We do not accept Disapproved Accounts "

or something like that .. Now What do i do! O.O ... Remember about the other account i created. Yes... yes... i could use that here... But first i need to UNLINK my youtube account with the disapproved gmail account . To unlink the your account..

>>Goto your Youtube Account
>> settings
>>Manage Accounts
goto your the section that says Change which Google Account is linked to this account
>> follow the steps and your account gets unlinked..
>> now follow the same procedure to link to another account(which has no disapproved Adsense Application OR create a new one)
>> Go through the steps and get the account linked.

Once you are done with linking.. Accept the invite .. fill in the form, Accept Terms and Conditions, Guidelines etc..

Towards the end...

Congratulations! you are almost done.. Wait for 1-2 hours before u get the confirmation mail that contains link to your Adsense Account initialization.. Now you have your Adsense Account !! Monetize your YouTube as it is already.. Monetize your Blogs Websites etc.. With the highest eCPM rates one can ever get..

i hope this hub will be beneficial to you.. Comments and ratings will be highly appreciated..

Signing Off

[P.S. Adsense.. without traffic on your webcontent is not worth it! You do your stuff.. THEY will come.. :) and Google always says "Quality! not Quantity.." ]

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    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 2 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @elise: Nice Channel, It should have been qualified for Adsense.

      Please go through google help links


    • profile image

      elise 3 years ago

      hey ! Nice post ! I would like to earn money from my videos, but I can't figure out why my youtube channel doesn't qualify :/ Could you help me please ?

    • profile image

      Musfira 3 years ago

      Haha love ur style of writing ... Keep it up

    • profile image

      Surendra 3 years ago

      Nice posts. I had learned so much from this site. I am very very thankful to the author.

    • profile image

      viney 3 years ago

      Hello buddy.. I have applied for the adsense for With new a/c. They are sending only a notifiaction that .insufficiant content.. Tell me what is now right way to get approval .my blog a/c is 1 year old..

    • profile image

      evrono23 3 years ago

      how long should a blog be active to qualify for adsense? will i link youtube partnership to my blog? my blog is

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 3 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @Divya: yes its true that both your accounts would be suspended if they found out that you were the same person... but if you change the payee's name of the other account to any of your family members name Eg. father/mother Or some one with a bank account you trust.. Then you can enjoy earnings from both your accounts*

      Google Terms: "Publishers are only allowed to maintain one AdSense account under the same payee name"

      *if they pay you back or else you are screwed :p

    • profile image

      Divya Rajput 4 years ago

      Thanks for such a nice and well directed article I just got my approval and now want to know that now I am having two different adsense accounts can I open up or login to them with a single PC or from my one single Laptop as I read out somewhere not to do so otherwise the adsense accounts (both) will be disabled.

      Is it true or not?

      And if yes then how to buy different laptops for different accounts it is funny then :D :P

    • profile image

      Ashley 4 years ago

      Aweosme tutorial I just came back after applyin all the above mentioned points to my blog and I am happy to say that I got my adsense account approved fro my blog

      A big thanks to you.

    • profile image

      bishnu dev 4 years ago

      hey bro. is it necessary to generate traffic through search engine

    • profile image

      Monu Kumar 4 years ago

      Sir Please Tell Me That May I Get Adsense On Lyrics Blog???????//

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 4 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      Could you share the exact message please?

    • profile image

      chaggu 4 years ago

      hi friend i am from india and trying lot to get adsense account but not successful,I also tried youtube trick to get an adsense acc. but they are saying that there is problem with your contact information or address is not provided in the form,but i have fill the form correctly still i get this msg from adsense.plese help me yaar.

    • profile image

      shamima 4 years ago

      nice post but Monetization is no bangladesh

      This feature is currently not available in your country. Learn more.

      if this solution please inform

    • Faizan Soomro profile image

      Faizan Soomro 5 years ago

      Hi! Thanks for sharing such a nice experience. I have a google adsense account but I want to get a youtube partnership account. But that is much difficult over here in Pakistan as when I apply for it and they say: "This feature is currently not available in your country. Learn more." I have a video tutorials website . I upload my own original screencasts on my youtube channel. You can find those on my site. I had a search on youtube where one Pakistani uploader tells how can you get that by an affiliation of a company who has a partnership account. Well.. I don't want to get myself in the paid stuff which he talks about. Hope you will guide. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Tarun 5 years ago

      hi bro my bolg link is . I applied for adsense 10 days ago i got disapprove.Google reply with the link of webmaster guidelines and said that site does not comply with the Google AdSense program alexa rank was 9 lakh that time. I checked the palgarism text for my content alos. i posted my own article after 100 unique i Plagiarism text.I dnt know what they want regarding my web site.. design or content or meta tags so pages or what ?

      please have a look in to my site and ma y be your words will help me

      thanks tarun

    • kapilddit profile image

      Kapil Thakar 5 years ago from Bangalore

      I have two google account. I applied through and it got rejected. I have youtube account which is linked to my rejected email account. I have monetized my videos. It seem I am getting some traffic on my videos. (one video with 2200 views in 3 months, Total 20+ videos)


      Now can I link my other google account ( to link it with youtube account?

      which currently linked with (

      Please help me, I am fed up with all this.. I need google adsense for youtube... Thanks in advance...

    • gags3480 profile image

      GAGANPREET SINGH BHATIA 5 years ago from Kanpur, India

      I did exactly as u said & got my youtube a/c activated with adsense in 3 hours only after posting my 1st video. But how to link hubpages with it? It is not allowing it. Kindly guide me through the steps!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Aileen Edwin 5 years ago

      Hello Simpy63

      I have a slightly different problem. I have monetized my videos but don't have an approved adsense account, so am not getting any money. I made a blog and it was not approved because it was not very good. I made a much better blog some months ago which has my video tutorials etc. I want to change the url in my adsense application to my new blog but there is no edit button. I would make a new account but both my YouTube and blog have this email and application associated with them. Is there a way to get rid of the unapproved application without having to delete my YouTube channel and blog? I have views and subscribers and months since the creation date which will be lost. I don't see a manage accounts button when I go into my channel settings.

      Thank you

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @glennmarkatwork :: I am glad that i could help. I really hope , this would work for him.. :)

    • glennmarkatwork profile image

      Glenn Mark Dizon 5 years ago from Philippines

      This is pretty much insightful hub bro. I have been looking for this in a long time because my little brother keeps on asking me to help him out. I got mine after blogging about my passions here but I am afraid he does not have the same patience and dedication as mine. I have a strong feeling that this will work best for him. Many thanks indeed.

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @asim :: No offence.. but i think google has become very cautious and strict about accepting Adsense applications from Pakistan.. Sorry bro.. u'll have to deal with it..

      And about your website.. here are some tips..

      = Redesign to a professional looking theme..

      = Build up audience in facebook,twitter etc.. but DON'T Spam!

      = Create more backlinks.

      = Add more Quality articles, Share your experience.. Report new technologies yet to come. etc.. the list is endless.. BUT make sure. the articles are 100% original. [you can quote snippets from other resources.. if you mention its source]

      Once do all these and get enough traffic.. Google jhak maar ke application kabool kar dega.

      All the best



      Tech-Resources: etc..

    • profile image

      asim nawaz 5 years ago


      It says that

      This feature is currently not available in your country.

      what should i do now? i have disaaproved by adsense twice

      can i get an adsense account via youtube for my website.?

      plz help

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @varun : : yes, but make sure.. the videos do not violate any Terms.. and you have at least 2-3 videos in your channel..

      Login to your youtube account then go to and apply for it..

    • profile image

      varun 5 years ago

      hi i uploaded a videos 2 days ago and now its got 1000 views(just in two days) but i haven't received any partnership mail???

      should i apply for adsense through youtube anyway without partership invitation

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @Usama Karim:: Yes.. it might get approved.. :)

    • profile image

      Usama Karim 5 years ago

      Is this work, if i upload 10/15 videos and then get 500/600 views per week, then can i get approved

    • profile image

      Usama Sonu 5 years ago

      Just amzing... my good luck i have find it

    • malaikou profile image

      malaikou 5 years ago

      Now you can only get a hosted adsense account which you can't paste the code to any other websites. You will need to have a useful website to submit it through your hosted account.

    • profile image

      Anita 5 years ago

      hi...I had followed what you have written with regards to how to unlink the google account from the settings, but i am not able to do so in youtube as i am not able to locate or it seems there is no option with regards to manage accounts in the settings section in youtube...kindly assist.

    • profile image

      Vinod 5 years ago

      Great post.. It again fills me with hopes to get adsense as I have tried many times but got failed.. Sure I will try this steps..But can you please advise me with how many posts you got approved.. Thanks

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @libin antony :: Of course you can!

    • profile image

      libin antony 5 years ago

      hey can I upload a video like recording my screen and teaching about something

    • divakar049 profile image

      nithyanandam 5 years ago from chennai,India

      nice one

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @drdbabu : : Glad i could help.. :)

      Here are your answers:

      1. You need a HD Camera/camcorder [or a simple mobile cam will do] to take videos.. Then you need to upload those videos to youtube.. [is that what you asked for? i didn't get the question Actually]

      2. You can use Orbit Download Manager's Grabber or If you are using Mozilla Firefox then install a downloader plugin search for "video downloader"

      3. please refer for details regarding Screen Casting

      4. Yes you can do that BUT... emailing videos is not a great option coz.. The max allowed size of an attachment in an email is 25MB.. You can't share HD videos within that size limit.. However you can use Dropbox or Google Drive or Microsoft's Skydrive to share Huge videos..

      5. you can visit in your Chrome browser for screen shot Extensions OR

      You can press the "Prt Scr" Key on your keyboard.. Open "Paint" .. then "Paste" and save.. as Simple as that

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @VIVEKRAJ K R : : Your Adsense account might be under review.. That's why you can't see the Adsense dashboard. Wait for 1-2 weeks or Max 1.5 months..

      It is not recommended to apply once again at this stage unless your Application has been disapproved completely..

      [P.S. Application Disapproved and Account disabled are 2 different thing.. In Case of Application Disapproval you can apply as many no. of times you want by using a new email. with the same Name and Address.. BUT If you had an working Adsense and it got Disabled/Banned then you can never apply again.. With that address/Name/email ]

    • profile image

      drdbabu 5 years ago

      hello simpy 63!

      this is drdbabu once again . thanks for the courteous responses you gave earlier., and that gives me hope that you will also answer these questions FOR A NOVICE LIKE ME . thanks in advance.

      1. first of all i don't know how to take a video for you tube and other video sharing sites. guide me about the tools required for taking a video and procedures. also tell me about taking HD videos.

      2. how to download a you tube video and also other videos from similar sites?[ any tools, free softwares available?]

      3. what is a screencasting software? [refer ur reply to peter 9 months ago] and how it is useful? please explain in layman's language.

      4.about using members videos uploaded for my site [refer my question asked one month back], shall i ask members to send me the video file to my mail so that i can post it under my name with their permission [ no copy righted materials will be allowed]?

      5. some people are showing their adsense screenshots etc on their websites. please tell me how to take screen shots of a page ? i am using chrome? is there any tools available?

      dear simpy 63! i believe these questions not only answer my doubts, but also will enrich the knowledge of any visitor of this page in future.

      so explain it elaborately. first question is very important to me.

      THANKS IN ADVANCE. hope you reply soon.

    • profile image

      VIVEKRAJ K R 5 years ago

      I have the same issue what you mentioned adsense account was rejected for my blog but my videos are monetized.problem is i don't have an active adsense Account.and when i'm going to settings it redirected to my google account there's no manage account option.

      help me to solve this!!

      one more doubt is can i apply for adsense with the same name and address of my disapproved adsense account.

    • profile image

      Sairockr 5 years ago

      @simply63 i got my adsense application rejected for the third time i don't know what's wrong with them!

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @Sairockr : : Nice reviews.. seems original to me.. You can appeal against copyright claims coz you know they are your own creation and you own full rights on it.. YouTube's automated system might be wrong sometimes You can refer to the YouTube Support document :

    • profile image

      Sairockr 5 years ago

      Hi tere simply 63 i live in india and i enabled monetization on my videos. It asked me to create an adsense account i did so and they said that i have copyrighted content. I run a tech channel i do voice over and film by myself all the content is original and still google says copyrighted comtent. Plz help here is my youtube channel:-

      Waiting for ur reply!

    • profile image

      Arjun 5 years ago

      Very nice article frnd...

      I need your help... I have created a new youtube channel last week and uploaded a video ( the first one) yesterday. Today I got 72 views (from 22 hours). How far will it take for me to get an adsense account? Is there any need for uploading more videos. Plz hav a look @ my channel and suggest some tips...

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @Sumit Sagar : : You will have to just wait .. i guess.. :(

    • profile image

      Sumit sagar 5 years ago

      I have already put in access and authoriszation, and now the box where the url input was present has been replaced by

      Your application is under review. Please implement your ad code at the URL submitted in order to complete the screening process.

      It means I will be not able to put any url in it until it approves or disapproves

      Please help yr I am very much frustruated.......plz my domain is going to be 6 months old on 19 octuber, recently I shifted from blogger to wordpress

      Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @Sumit Sagar : : It took just 4 hrs for the Ads to show up on my website. It shouldn't have taken that long in your case! Nice website btw..

      Try entering your domain name and in "Sites authorized to show ads" section . Eg.

    • profile image

      Sumit sagar 5 years ago

      I have a youtube fully approved hosted adsense account and I applied for website adsense through account settings as they have said. I also pasted the code in my site. But 10 days past my application is still in review, in accounts settings under access and authorization till now it say,

      Your application is under review. Please implement your ad code at the URL submitted in order to complete the screening process.

      Please help how much time it takes to for youtube adsense approved for website

      My websitre is

      Please reply soon, I have the same story as you

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @drddabu : :Yes it is possible.. A member can upload directly to your youtube channel via email. You can go to : "Overview" and see a random email in "Mobile Uploads" section. You can write server scripts that uploads the video to your server first and then send it automatically to that email..

      But i would NOT encourage you to do so because people might upload videos (such as Copyright Videos, adult videos etc..) that might violate Youtube's Terms. and repeated violation might lead to termination of your Adsense account!

      Some of the Examples of videos that will NEVER get monetized are:

      1. Music videos / Movie Clips

      2. Picture Slides with Songs/ Videos with background Musics

      3. Copyrighted Tutorials / funny videos(like. Just for laugh Gags)

      4. Adult Contents

      If you can monitor and control the violations then i shall give you a thumbs up or else do it at your own risk.

      NOW if a member embeds his/video in your site then he is the only one who will get the revenue when the video is played.. However, you can integrate your Adsense code on the webpage in which the video is embedded and get your share too.

    • profile image

      drdbabu 5 years ago

      hi simpy63!

      this is drdbabu again seeking your ideas.

      i intend to start a membership website with hundreds of members are expected to join in due course of time. and the members can have the option of uploading the videos regarding the topic of the website . i want these videos to be used for youtube partner program.

      what should i do?

      To have the members post their videos directly on my site? or post it on you tube site and embed the code on my site? in this case , how to integrate these videos under my you tube channel [user name] to earn from them ?

      response needed. thanks in advance.

    • website-tips profile image

      MD. ZAKIR HOSSAIN SIKDER 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thank you very much for replying.

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @ website-tips : : Aami tomar Hub dekhechi.. and the Problem was quite visible.. You need MORE hubs.. and try to write longer hubs, say.. more than 1000 words.. :)

      Posts at least 2 articles per day for a couple of weeks and then apply for Adsense.

    • website-tips profile image

      MD. ZAKIR HOSSAIN SIKDER 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      i am bangladeshi. i need adsense account. i have applied for adsense. but they rejected it. my site is: now what is more things need for adsense approval?

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @Ivan Lee : : Its difficult due to repeated abuse on Adsense Publisher Terms. But still you can keep your hopes high..

      If you want to apply via blog/website then,

      1. make sure the language is on English ( .

      2. Dont include spammy stuffs..

      3. Use a theme that looks Professional and clean

      4. Add some content that you wrote on your own words.. Or if you have referred some online source then do mention their urls.

      If you want to apply via youtube. then

      1. the only way is, to make a video from your camera.

      Make your cat do tricks and record that :P lol.. just kidding..

    • profile image

      Ivan Lee 5 years ago

      Hai~ I'm Malaysian and as I know YouTube monetize is disabled in my country. how can I join????

    • profile image

      Mahbub Hasan 5 years ago

      Awesome tricks.

      I love your quality post.

      Visit me on

    • profile image

      rifat 5 years ago

      hei buddy.. thanks for the awesome post ... i will try these steps.

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @sarah : : Please copy and Paste the message you get.. so that i can understand your situation better :)

    • profile image

      sarah 5 years ago

      I am a you tube partner, and monitisation or however you spell it has been activated, but it wont allow me to connect an adsense?

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @azharsid : : Yeah sure.. Once you get an approved Adsense account you can use your Adsense code to Monetize your HubPages too..

      True Story ^_^ :P

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @drdbabu : : Sorry i mistook the 3rd Query to be something else :)

      3) Earning $100 per month in a video doesn't depend on number of views your get in a month but also the type of ads being displayed on your video. Ads with higher PPC(Pay-Per-Click) for Publishers or CPC(Cost-Per-Click) for Advertisers fetch you more revenue than the ads with less PPC.

      There is no Guaranteed way to get earn $100/month from Adsense on videos.. But the only thing you can do is.. Make your video/site popular.. Share It/Digg It/ Pin It/ Tweet It./ Call your friends. Do any thing to get people know about your "Awesome Creation" :P ;)

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @drdbabu : : Here are the answers to your questions to best of my knowledge :)

      1.0) Embedding YouTube videos on your site/blog will use the bandwidth of YouTube server and not your web server.

      1.1 ) You need to upload your videos to YouTube first then embed them to your site/blog.

      Uploading them directly to your site/blog(Wordpress etc) will use up your Web Server Bandwidth (both while uploading and per view). Which could create a traffic congestion.

      1.3) Yes, Your YouTube videos views on your site will be taken as a hit/view and may be calculated in eCPM if the video shows an ad and you have an active Adsense account linked to your YouTube.

      2) Yes, You can use your Adsense code accepted through YouTube in your Web Content like. Blogs, Websites, Mobile Apps, Games.. etc

      3) yup.. Google has the same old withdrawal threshold of $100 :(

    • azharsid profile image

      Azhar Siddiqui 5 years ago from India

      great hub friend, i had heard abt dis youtube monetization but never give a thought.....I have only one question for you

      Can I use the adsense acc made with youtube to link with my hubpages acc. and get benefits of hubpages earning program????

      Please reply I am struggling for adsense from past 3 months please reply..................

    • profile image

      drdbabu 5 years ago

      hi simpy!

      Really this is a new idea. thanks for sharing. please answer my questions, as i am also a newbie planning to launch a website for adsense shortly.

      1. i want to have video posts on my blog. but i think it will take more bandwidth,storage on host server . there are many sites having you tube videos with in their own site. does it uses the bandwidth of the user's server or the google's? and also if i become a partner, shall i have to post videos on you directly or else ,using the video posts option from my site itself. will that posts too counted as partner uploaded video by google and, if the viewers viewed a video post on my site itself will also be calculated for eCPM? and this video ,will also be available on ?

      2." you can use the Adsense code for content also. Using adsense in youtube is' automatic' and is not customizable" --- can i use the code for other blogs, sites also? please explain this elaborately.

      3. does this situation still remains or google changed anything? how much views needed to earn at least 100$ dollors a month?

      i am non techie and i hope u will answer . thanks in advance.

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 5 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @Kyle : : wait for some days.. or even months.. try to figure out a new concept for website or Videos.. and apply Again.. :)

      Create Something where Advertisers will be tempted to promote their products

    • profile image

      Kyle 5 years ago

      Hi , I am facing the same problem as you did last time , keep on get rejected by adsense , i was thinking to do video and get partnership program wif youtube but it seems like the partnership program isn't available in my country malaysia , do you have any idea that can help me ? Thanks a lot

    • mediagerms profile image

      mediagerms 5 years ago

      Great information, thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      subin7373 5 years ago

      thanks iam going to try this method ...... i think that it will a good one...... my blog:

    • profile image

      deepak 6 years ago

      hey blog owner i will try this. I am trying for adsense till 3 months but now after reading this i am really motivated. May god bless you if i got adsense account

    • profile image

      thegadgets 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. It would be easy earn with youtube.

    • profile image

      akhil s kumar 6 years ago

      nice work.

    • bozo047 profile image

      bozo047 6 years ago from Mauritius

      lol, okay tnx 4 your reply btw.

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india


      [Original message]

      hey can you please help me to get an adsense account??? you can do that by giving me your old youtube account and if i get my adsense account i will give you one .com domain + premium linux hosting but please help me friend ????


      Sorry, But that idea wont work. Here is the reason why.. Even if i link my youtube account to your email, you can't apply for Adsense from that account as it was already used to get an account.

      True story. :)

      Free Advice:-

      Record some of your college/school funny events give them a funny name and Upload.. Spread it on any social media like Facebook.. get a 500 views in a week from around the globe.. And apply for Adsense.. I can guarantee your Application will be approved.. :)

      Btw i already have webspace and domains .. anyway Thanks for the Offer :) All the Best!

    • bozo047 profile image

      bozo047 6 years ago from Mauritius

      Hey i have email you, please reply it !!!!

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      you just need a quality, original video.. that's it!

    • profile image

      Somu 6 years ago

      Please Tell Me At Least How Many Videos Is Required Per Week To Get An Adsense Account.

    • mvpbed profile image

      mvpbed 6 years ago

      As I website owner I conceive the content material here is rattling great , thanks for your efforts.

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      yes. you can use the Adsense code for content also. Using adsense in youtube is automatic and is not customizable. But to use Adsense in websites or feeds you need to generate the Javascript code in the from your account. :)

    • profile image

      Ally 6 years ago

      So does this means with this Youtube adsense approved, we can use back this same code fore Adsense Contents as well? Coz I'm thinking if we're to monetize Adsense thru' youtube, contents, feeds, how many sets of Adsense codes we need?

    • amithak50 profile image

      amithak50 6 years ago from India

      That is really nice trick simpy ,These are very easy steps to follow ..Thanks a lot

    • profile image

      momin work 6 years ago

      Hows the pay in google adsense for youtube? better than text ads?I have a site and wanna implement ads in video format from youtube. please suggest is it worth trying?

    • jura9 profile image

      jura9 6 years ago

      Google Adsense & Earnings;

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      Thanks Klash

    • klash5 profile image

      klash5 6 years ago

      Great hub, voted up and useful

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      About 20 to 30 unique views per day.. would be enough i guess... dunno exactly...

      But make sure the video is original and trendy.. and Traffic will come automatically..

    • profile image

      Somu 6 years ago

      Nice Tutorial But At Least How Much Traffic Is Required.

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india


    • profile image

      Kumar 6 years ago

      nice tutorial.. :)

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      @Peter :: I use `Camtasia Studio` its simple and easy, great to start with.. Further more, if u want to narrate your screen-casts, then u might need Audacity(OpenSource) for audio editing..

      Here are the links:-

      Camtasia Studio:

      Audacity :

      These comparisons may help you decide :-


    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      Hey , Good , Can you suggest any good screen casting software that you personally like ... Thanks

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      Thanks Turkic, that was really a source of inspiration and a good piece of advice...

      Thanks again..

    • profile image

      Turkic 6 years ago

      Your writing is really good! But be careful using to much bold because it was distracting me :P

      But keep up the good work! You will succeed in this!

    • profile image

      romzky308 6 years ago

      Thank you.. for the great tutorial... :)

    • profile image

      Himesh 6 years ago

      Thanks.. It helped! now i am waiting for my confirmation email

    • simpy63 profile image

      Abhilash Nayak 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india

      Any comments??


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