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Keyword Research

Updated on February 22, 2012

My favourite free keyword research tools

I have a list of free keyword tools that anyone can access. These tools are for doing keyword research, primarily for internet marketing purposes.

Good Keywords Keywoord Tool - You can do many things with keyword Pad. Remove duplicate keyword phrases from large lists, clean keyword phrases, search and replace words, plus many more things.
Free Download.

Google keyword tool - Google has a free keyword tool that anyone can use If you have and adwords account you can access it from the tools link in the campaigm management tab.

Google has a new search tool called Insights for Search
This tool tells you the location in the world where your search term is most popular,
the search volume of the terms, plus alot more.

Google Wonder Wheel - This is a new tool from Google that anyone can access.

To do so you must first go to and do a normal search in the search box. This can be any thing you like. After you have made you search, look at the results page. At the top left side of the page, you will see - Web Show options... Click the "Show options" link. Now look for the Wonder wheel link on the bottom left side of the page.
This will take you to the wonder wheel page. Here you can see the wheel in action.
To get more keywords click a link that stems out of the wonder wheel.
You can keep on clicking on new links that come out of the newest wheel to keep getting keyword ideas.

Misspelled Domain Names Generator - This utility will provide you with an easy way to generate hundreds of misspellings of a domain name.

These next tools are free with the option to upgrade to a paid service. - Wordtracker is a paid research tool but has a free keyword suggestion tool.
Access it at - Spyfu provides you with keywords from a certian domain. You search the domain and it gives you organic keywords, paid keywords, and well as top competitors in both organic and paid. you are limited to only 20 keywords and 20 domains as this is a paid subscription site. Check out Spyfu at

More Keyword Tools

Traffic Travis - SEO Software and Keyword Tool. Highest rated SEO Software on Cnet - 4.5 stars . Traffic Travis has a Professional version, as well as a free version. Available for download at

Keyword Spy - a paid keyword research service. Keyword Spy is a keyword research tool that tells you the keywords that your competitors are using in their advertising campaigns. A free search tool is available on the website, but has limited results. Keyword Spy is priced on a monthly basis. A Free Trial is available. For more information go to

I hope these keyword tools will be helpful to anyone who needs them.


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