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Investing to get out of Debt

Updated on April 14, 2012
From this dock which is two blocks from my property you can catch crab and fish.
From this dock which is two blocks from my property you can catch crab and fish. | Source

Property and Investment Loans

I know it sounds ridiculous but it does work ...I can prove it, because I did it about three years ago. I had about 13,000.00 in debt . I still had good credit and I kept thinking I wanted something to show for my money so, I looked into property. My Husband and I wanted to move to the coast when he retired. I found out that I could loan more that what the property was worth up to 30 percent. so on a 65,000.00 appraised lot that was on the market for 18,000.00. I borrowed 35,000.00 and paid off all my debt and make a monthly payment of 290.00 per month on real property. You have to have fairly decent credit for you to do this so if you do and you still have good credit ,go for it! Just watch re-spending yourself in a another fix, do not open up any more lines of credit. Start making double payments and such. you will get out of debt and have something to show for it!! My only regret is that I didn't buy something I could rent out and let it pay for itself. Right now I am working on getting something on it to pay for itself, like parking RVs On it.

My lot is two blocks from the beach and boat launch in Coos Bay, Oregon. The average temperatures are 50 plus degrees year round. I have been thinking about selling it because my husband and I decided not to move to the coast and stay here in C. G. we don't want to leave all of our friends and I need to keep working because I incurred more debt. So believe me when I tell you "do not start overspending after you do this "!! The pictures in this hub are all of my lot. Please let me know if you are interested.

Blessings, Mindy

A markerThe Lot In Coos Bay -
N Wall St, Coos Bay, OR 97420, USA
get directions

Coos Bay ,Oregon 2 blocks from beach and boat launch.


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