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Kouponier - Community Powered Coupon Website

Updated on September 9, 2014


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Their objective is to help the virtual world by providing them with a common platform for everything they need related to coupon, deals, free stuff and much more. So, they don’t have to go look anyplace else.

Kouponier is going to be one sure stop destination when it comes to taking care of your money. They never work in favor of a single party and believe to mutually benefit both the parties, the customers at large when they shop online, and also the store or brand owners, who are able to speed up their sales by providing exclusive deals to their website. So the next time you’re planning to buy something online, do check out their vast collection of active coupons, they just might surprise you!

What Differentiates Them?

They knew that there are plenty of coupon website that offers free coupon services to their users. But, the reasons that differentiate them from other websites, is that Kouponier is not any average coupon website. But, It is actually a community powered website where you can look for coupons, deals or some free stuff at one common platform. You don’t have to go and look at other websites for different stuff. The things that differentiate them from the rest of the websites are:

1. The layout of Kouponier is quite simple. They provide a responsive web layout. You just have to click on the “Click to Reveal” tab, and will be directed to the merchant’s website with coupon being automatically copied to your clipboard. You can copy/ paste the code from there to merchant’s checkout page and you are done. Simple as that.

2. Another reason why They are so proud of being different from others is that, they have simplified the coupon title for you. They have made a very specific coupon title design. You don’t have to read and think about what the coupon is all about. You can easily understand from the example listed below:


  • 10% off your all order above $50. (Other website’s)
  • 10% off $50 Coupon (Kouponier)

Here at Kouponier, in place of stuffing the coupon title and making it cumbersome to understand. They follow a pre-determined pattern while uploading the coupons to their database. They try to keep the coupon title simple to be understood by any new users, You can’t expect these kind of things from other competitor website’s that import their coupons using some programs, bots or leeches. They don’t have this kind of consistency in their work. All of their coupons are hand picked and uploaded by normal human’s, just like you.

3. That’s not all, one more reason that make us different from rest of competitor website’s is that they provide you with more number of working coupons and less expired coupons, they never share a same deal twice, Instead of stuffing the merchant store with more number of non- working same coupons that will expire on the same day. They prefer to have less number of working reliable coupons.

Using a Coupon

At Kouponier, They try to keep using online coupons very simple and quick.

  • Click on the "Click to Reveal" icon and you will be redirected to the store’s website, with coupon code being automatically copied to your browser’s clipboard.From there you could copy-paste the code in the promo code field at store’s website. Stores sometimes call this a promo code, but it is also known as a promotional code, coupon code or discount code.

  • There are special coupon links that are simply activated by clicking, when you click on "View Deal" icon, your discount is automatically applied and you will see your savings at checkout.

It’s very rare that their codes don’t work. However, if your code didn’t work there may be a technical glitch with the store or it may be a mistake on our part. You can report about the non-working coupon to them and help make kouponier a better site.


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