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Learning Smart Money Habits: A little effort goes a long way

Updated on January 9, 2015

Most people start with the intention to save. They may start a new job, get married, have children and then start dreaming big. There’s always the new car they must have, the house they want to raise a family in, but something always gets in the way. And why wouldn’t there be obstacles? We can’t possibly live without spending, and we can’t avoid paying for the usual expenses that hit our credit cards. But then there’s the unexpected events that arise and they cost even more than we had anticipated.

Other obstacles to spending may be more reasonable. We may not be getting paid as much as we want, or we dip into the money we tried to save. These are not real obstacles, but mere excuses we use to delay putting away for the future for what we want right now. The truth is that we can actually accomplish both; we can put a little away for the future while budgeting and living for today.

This assertion is not meant to put down anyone living below the poverty line, or who needs a little assistance to make ends meet. I’m talking about those who are earning enough to pay their bills and still have some income left over to use, regardless of how little it is.

I’ve heard it before: confessions of the woeful mindless spenders. Those who would love more than anything to put some money aside to fulfill their dreams of purchasing that car or house, but for some reason can’t. I’ll sum up that reason in four words: lack of conscious commitment. Saving money is all about taking those extra steps to commit to reaching a goal. It is about being fully aware of your need to make that purchase and the will to create good habits to get you there.

My e-book is available on Kindle. Read it and let's inspire each other to build a secure financial future.
My e-book is available on Kindle. Read it and let's inspire each other to build a secure financial future. | Source


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