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Looking for Ways to Make Money Online – Then You SHOULD Be Writing

Updated on June 23, 2011
Writing can make serious money
Writing can make serious money

Everyone is looking for ways to make money these days. While most people look for work in the fields that they are trained in or have deep enough know-how, some choose to branch out into those they had only dreamt of doing before. And while that may be a bold and courageous move, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a big sacrifice. But ultimately when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, no one has the excuse to not be writing articles online. Anyone and everyone’s opinions and takes on any given subject are welcome on the internet; so much so that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if, one day, it were to be called the new ‘Great Equalizer ’!

Writing Articles Pays

Let us take an example: writing. One such major leap that people are taking is being a writer – an online article writer, whether as a freelancer or landing a full time job. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone knows of a story that was told to them. And truth be told, our life passes with a story to tell each and every minute. This implies that there is no shortage of sources for stories, and also that anyone can partake from that abundant self-replenishing pool. The good news is that anyone that would want to could get paid for just writing about it.

The Time Factor

Most people claim that although they would love to write, they just do not have the time for it. But if we are really honest, there is always a way to get around an obstacle. While some may opt for carrying a laptop or a BlackBerry to submit articles whenever a time-gap opens up, some will just mull over the whole story in their heads and by the time they get an opportunity to put it down on paper (MS Office document to be precise) they have the whole story figured out that it just takes a few minutes to complete and upload the story.

The Technology Factor

Another most often heard gripe is that there isn’t the technology to support a writing career, even if it is a part time, freelancing one. But in today’s world that is one of the lamest excuses that can be ever made. If people can blog from the heart of the Amazon, stream live images while they travel through Africa and Tweet from atop Mount Everest then needless to say, with a little effort, anyone else can write and submit articles from anywhere. It might take time to be able to afford the gadgets and the technology that will make the writing a blessed job, but no one said that it was all going to be easy. But one thing is for sure: the payoff will definitely be worth it and much more.

The Language Factor

A more understandable obstacle that may be standing in the way of the next William Shakespeare is language. It is true that over 40% of the websites on the internet today are in English. But that doesn’t mean that all of them are written in the purest form of English and each one of them is grammatically correct. The good thing about the internet is that as long as the writer has something to say, people will want to read it. And even if it is written in a language that they do not understand, they will try to at least have it translated. And also, if the language is not on par, people will turn a blind eye, as long as the subject matter is interesting enough. But most importantly, it doesn’t always mean that the articles should be written in English, in fact a wise writer would choose to write in a language that is lesser spoken in order to create a niche and dominate almost all the topics written in that language, it could be a literal gold mine!

No More Excuses

Therefore, anyone that wants to make money working part-time, or full, online can no longer have a valid excuse not to. The best place to start is usually on sites like HubPages, where right with the first post money starts rolling in, admitted it might be only a single cent, but the point being that once the first cent is made, it can only get better.

So, no more excuses…join HubPages, RIGHT NOW, and start making money today


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