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Make Money Watching TV with Viggle

Updated on July 6, 2012

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans watch an average of 2.3 hours of TV each day. Apart from the obvious health problems proven by years of research, watching TV is not productive for most people. What if I told you there was a way to watch TV and do something that can be good for you? There is now a way to earn money as you watch TV. Now you may be questioning what I say, but I assure you, you can actually make money watching TV. This is all thanks to a cool iOS application called Viggle.

How Does it Work?

Viggle is a free app originally designed for the iPhone, but is easily compatible with the iPad. It can also be downloaded on your Android phone with Google play. You don't actually make money, but you can earn rewards of monetary value as a result of watching TV. With Viggle, you earn points for every show you watch; these points aren't worth a lot compared to the price of rewards, but there are still ways to earn more points. The way Viggle works, you have to check-in to TV shows as you watch them. To do this, you must record about 30 seconds of the show you are watching to allow Viggle to work it's magic and analyze which show you are watching. Once finished, the app will check to see if they have the right show. After this short little period, you are free to watch the rest of your program and once it is finished, it will reward you with the points based on the amount of time it ways on for.

How do you Earn Points?

There are a variety of ways to earn points and help you earn rewards faster. You already earn points by watching what's on; here are the ways you can earn points:

Watch Featured Shows- This is where I think Viggle makes most of their money. From what I've observed, networks pay Viggle to feature their shows on the front page. With these shows, you will earn bonus points that range from 100 to 250 points. With this you will get your regular show watching points and then bonus points on top of that.

Featured Videos- This too may be another way of making money for Viggle as you can earn points for watching 30 second commercials. The point pay isn't a whole lot, but when comparing it to what you get for the time you spend, it is a great deal. These commercials are also featured on the main page.

Enter Sweepstakes- Very often, Viggle has a sweepstakes for you to earn millions of points or even rewards; at this time they are doing a draw for a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card. All you have to do is pay a number of points, usually 1,000, in order to have a chance to win. This can be great return on your rewards investment, but often times the odds will be against you.

What else should I need to know?

A typical 30 minute sitcom can earn you about 30 points, usually just under, as long as you do not get the bonus. This equates to about one point for every minute. The smallest reward, worth $5 dollars, will cost you 9,000 points or 150 hours of your time if you don't get any other bonuses. However, it should be very easy to earn the points if you watch what they want you to watch. Also, if you're interested, the most expensive item, a Royal Caribbean Cruise, is worth 4 million points, but I think for the bigger items you get more for your points.

Furthermore, Viggle is not just about giving you money or expensive items. There are also many options for you to use your points to donate to your favorite charities. Some of the charities supported right now are: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Covenant House, for homeless youth. If you do not support these charities or don't believe they are worth your money, I am sure they will add your favorite charity as they expand their rewards offers.


With Viggle, there is a world of possibilities. It can turn a lazy activity and make it worthwhile. Depending on how much TV you watch daily, this can be a good app to try out. And in some cases it can make you lazier and watch more TV. I started to watch much more TV than usual during my holidays. However, I sort of multi-tasked as I would work out during commercials as well as watch TV and earn money. If you're interested in getting this app, it's free, and can be found in the app store with a simple search of Viggle.

Attention Hubbers

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    • nochance profile image

      Chloe Davis Smith 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Hmmm, this is very interesting. I watch a lot of things on hulu and netflix and check in through the website which gives you free stickers for the stuff you watch and do. Over time it might be worth my while to be checking into Viggle as well.