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8 Ways for Teens to Make Money this Summer

Updated on June 2, 2011


Summer is just around the corner, what a perfect time for teens to make some extra cash in the coming weeks. It's better than being home board all day (to most people). Unfortunately, jobs can be hard to find for teens in today's economy. However, you do not have to get a job at a fast food joint to make money, instead, you can create your own jobs by offering your services or thinking outside the box. In this post I have compiled an increasing list of jobs teens can do this summer to make some extra dough.

Outdoor Jobs

For some people, like me, working outside is pretty fun. There are many outdoor jobs you can do to make some extra money.

Mowing Lawns- When thinking of outdoor work, mowing lawns is probably the first thing that comes to mind. You can get paid a good amount of money cutting peoples grass. The recommended price to charge is about $20, but you can easily sell your services for $50, depending on the size of the lawn and quality of your work. That is a new video game. Depending on your neighborhood, you can get quite a bit of work. Start off by cutting your lawn for a small fee first to get the feel for it. All you need to start is a lawnmower and the will to work out in the hot sun.

Wash Cars- Washing cars does not normally come straight to a persons mind but is definitely worth something. In today's world, most people have a car but not the time to wash it. This is much easier to offer to your neighbors than cutting grass. You can charge about $10 for a regular sedan or $20 for an SUV. It may seem a bit labor intensive but you have fresh water to keep you cool.

Clean Windows- Again, not an obvious idea but a decent one. During the hot summer days the ground can become dusty and get all over people's windows. This is where you came in, you can offer to clean the outsides of your neighbors windows. It is kind of hard fo me to judge the price as I have not tried this but I'm thinking $5 dollars a window at max. It may seem expensive, but the time put in and the difficulty can be worth it. So get a bucket of soapy water and clean some windows.

Indoor Jobs

With the first being outdoor jobs, most will expect indoor jobs to follow. Indoor jobs can be suitable for anyone who doesn't want to be in the sun, pretty simple huh?

Babysit- Another classic, babysitting, wich is usually associated with girls is a good way to make money if you love children. You can charge about $10 an hour if you have the proper qualifications which can be achieved in courses at your local community center (it is a good idea to be qualified before babysitting children you do not really know). With the summer coming in companies have their summer parties, the perfect idea to babysit people's kids, offer the service to your parents' co-workers. You can either go to one house for the night or have a few children at your house to take care of. Make sure to have fun activities planned to entertain the children. If your good enough, the children may recommend you for further babysitting to their parents.

Water Plants- The idea of summer is usually associated with vacation, and not just for school kids. Offer to water your neighbor's plants while they are on vacation. While I was originally thinking indoor plants, you may also have to order outdoor plants. However, if the weather is nice with moderate rainfall, that part may be skipped. This is a pretty simple job; make a schedule of waterings based on what your customer would like you to do and stick to it. You may charge about $50 dollars for the whole vacation and more if you link it with mowing their lawn.

House Cleaning- Not necessarily a summer job but if your out of school it might as well be. You can offer to clean the neighbors house regularly for the summer. This can take some money from the maid to put in your pocket as well as save the homeowner some money by charging less. I am aware of maids charging about $50 so $30 may be enough to undercut their pay for the summer holidays. Just ensure you do a thorough job so they hire again next year. They may evan call you in for some help with spring cleaning.

Online/ Computer

With the ever growing popularity of the internet, there are becoming more and more opportunities to make money online. You do not need much more than a computer, internet and an email address so why not?

Blog- The popularity of blogging is still on an upwards gradient so why not get your own? There are many free platforms like Blogger and Wordpress available and you can even write on HubPages. All of the above platforms allows you to make money with a variety of methods. Google Adsense is probably the most popular so try it for yourself. The hardest part of starting a blog is knowing what to write about. Keep a log of the things you do if they are exciting or blog about something you love. The possibilities are endless.

Online Surveys- Online surveys are a good way for teens to make money online as our opinions are actually valued by people. However, online surveys can be a hit or miss with lots of scams. With this said, I will direct you to CashCrate which I have found to be legit. You do not have to sit in front of the computer all day as you can refer your friends and let them do the work. Their referral program gives you a percentage of what they earn but they won't necessarily make less money as you are taking the sites cut. Sign up today.


The above compilation is only a fraction of the jobs teens can do. Check back regularly as I will try to keep this page updated as I ind or think of new ideas.


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