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How To Work From Home - And Earn An Income

Updated on June 12, 2011

For years there have been tempting ads – “escape the rat race - earn thousands in your first week, become a millionaire after three months like these people did” complete with photos of people driving convertibles in the private car park of their mansion. They are generally regarded as scams.

There are also a multitude of websites enabling you to fill in a survey or complete a questionnaire and be rewarded with a few cents a month later. Of course these add up to a nice tidy sum, but it's unlikely to make a real living from it.

But you can find suitable work online, if, for whatever reason, you would prefer not to go out of the house to work, or you need to supplement your income.

Find a niche, if you want to start a business. This probably sounds simple but so many people have ideas of businesses that are already overflowing. Unless you offer something very appealing and unusual, your business won't survive any better than any other. Be aware that working from home nowadays will mean you will fare much better with internet access, and at least a basic webpage detailing your services.

A few ideas of what is current at the moment in work-from-home opportunities.

  1. Writing articles such as this. There are a plethora of websites that ask you to write articles for them. Some pay up front for the article, some store your article and sell it to anyone interested enough to pay money. And some don't pay you at all but your article attracts people who might buy something for which you get royalties. If you have a degree you can write professionally on your degree subject and this could be published in a book in the future.

  2. Offering translation, transcription or mobile office services. A few websites are large databases of one-off jobs in which a company needs people to complete a task and individuals are free to bid for these tasks. They are reputation-based, so obtaining the first few contracts is difficult but then you have opportunities for attracting better jobs with better rates of pay.

  3. Blogging. The bonus of blogging is that you can write about whatever you wish, so you are more likely to stay motivated to work hard if you are keen on the work. They also work by affiliation so that people reading your blog might click on a link and make a purchase and you are rewarded.

  4. Internet search assessing. A number of companies worldwide have opportunities for working from home evaluating web pages and search facilities.

  5. Text answering services. People text questions to companies and the companies require people to answer them. The pay varies from company to company and the workload can vary greatly, but the job is interesting and varied.

  6. Selling beauty products. These are still going strong despite the advance in technology meaning people are more likely to buy their own products online, without a third party. But everyone likes a good party, and if you're a fun host, you will do well.

  7. Turn any hobby into an opportunity – art, pottery, knitting or sewing are very current at the moment, and there are dedicated websites for you to sell your creations.

  8. Buying and selling books, clothes, memorabilia, etc. You should have some idea on your market for this to work well, but with a bit of research and an eye for a bargain, you can do well.

With hard work and motivation, any of these or a mixture of them can work well for you and you could earn as much, if not more, than by working for a company out of the home. You will be responsible for paying your own tax, and working from home is difficult, especially when you have young children to look after, but the rewards are exciting.

A word of warning though – don't expect to get rich quick unfortunately.


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    • grayghost profile image

      grayghost 6 years ago

      Great tips! I retired in November and, of course, the paycheck went away with the job. A small regular addition would be helpful. Your "work from home" suggestions will be quite useful. I'll be watching for more, and thank you. By the way, your writing is quite good.

    • Mohammad Mohsin profile image

      Mohammad Mohsin 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      nice points