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Top 10 Beauty Must Have Products - Tried And Tested

Updated on October 11, 2011

Top 10 Beauty Must Haves

I've always had an active interest in beauty products and I have tried and tested so many over the years, but it has taken me until now to know what's worth buying and what isn't. What are the essentials and what are the products that actually work? I'm by no means a beauty expert, but I have found my must haves through lots of testing of different products.

Below are the things that have become my must haves over the years.The products that I would find it really hard to be without on a daily basis.You don't always need to spend a fortune to find a product that really works for you, though in some instances I have found that paying that extra cash is really worth it in the long run.

In no particular order...

Best Tweezers

Tweezerman  Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer, Pink
Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer, Pink

These are the tweezers that I've been using for the last 5 years or so and I highly recommend them. They're so precise and get the job done much quicker than any other brand of tweezer I've used. They come in loads of funky colours too!



Every woman must own a pair of tweezers. The shape of the eyebrows can totally alter how a woman's face looks. Take Liz Hurley for example, when she wore that Versace safety pin dress to the premier of Four Weddings and A Funeral, she wasn't quite the beauty that she is today.

One of the main reasons for her facial change in apperance is her eyebrows. They are now softly defined and subtley arched, they frame the face creating a much more open eyed look. Shaping the brows can take years off of your apperance and can give a much more feminine look.


Braun 5180 Silk-Epil X'elle Easy Start Epilator
Braun 5180 Silk-Epil X'elle Easy Start Epilator

This is the epilator closest to the one that I use. Results can last for up to 4 weeks.



I have used every method I can think of when trying to remove body hair. Shaving, waxing, sugaring, depilatory creams, you name it, i've tried it over the years. Sure, shaving is fast and pretty mess free if you do it in the bath or shower, but you do get nicks from time to time no matter how careful you are.

Waxing and everything else is just too time consuming and messy for me, so a few years ago I invested in an epilator. Don't get me wrong, it does hurt when you first start out, though if you've been waxing previously, it won't be as bad as you will have already taken the hair out at the root and know what it feels like.

I couldn't be without an epilator now, it's pretty fast to use once you get the hang of it and it does the job perfectly. I suffer from far less ingrown hairs now and the results last for a good couple of weeks, possibly longer for some people.

A lot of people are put off of using an epilator because of the pain factor. I won't lie, it does hurt if you aren't used to waxing, but you soon get used to it and after a few uses, the pain is nothing more than a bit of a mild sting now and then. It doesn't hurt me at all anymore, so you definitely get used to the feeling after a while.

Moisturisers For Different Skin Types

Celestial Moisturizer by LUSH
Celestial Moisturizer by LUSH

I really rate Lush moisturisers, especially this one. This can be used on any kind of skin.



If there was only one beauty product that I was allowed to have, it would be a good moisturiser. It's a must have for skin of any age and it's never too late to start using.

Different kinds of skins need different types of creams. I suffer from dry skin, so I have to use quite rich and thick creams. Young skins generally only need a light moisturiser, but there is something on the market for everyone, no matter what skin type or moisturising need you have. For older skins and for those wanting to prevent the signs of aging, a collagen based cream or gel is a must.

Don't forget to moisturise the body too. We can all too easily forget to moisturise the skin on our body and it shows. Though even the most neglected skin can be rectified with a bit of body brushing (see below) and a good body moisturiser.

Body Brushing

Nivea Body Age Defying Moisturizer, 8.4 fl oz (250 ml) (Pack of 2)
Nivea Body Age Defying Moisturizer, 8.4 fl oz (250 ml) (Pack of 2)

Great body moisturiser that should be used directly after body brushing.


Body Brushes

If you haven't body brushed before you'll be in for a surprise if you try it! Body brushing is a must in any beauty regime as it removes so much dead skin you will be amazed. Even if you think you have super soft moisturised skin, using a body brush will shock you.

The results from dry body brushing can be amazing if done on a regular basis, it can even help with the appearence of cellulite. When you first start to use a body brush you will notice lots of white flakes coming away from the skin, that's the dead skin cells.

You will notice a big difference the first time you body brush (always on dry skin and in the direction of the heart), it will make the skin feel alive and looking new. Removing dead skin cells is a must for a great looking body.

Nail Polish

I always find that nail polish makes for a great pick me up. It can be a really quick way to change your appearance, even if only in a minor way.

There are so many colours and shades available today, so there has to be something for everyone. Painted nails looks great no matter what the length of the nail is and painted toenails look fun and funky, even if you're wearing winter shoes or boots, you still know just how good your feet look!

Obviously there are some brands that are better than others. I personally have a hard time keeping nail polish on my finger nails as it always chips within the first day or so.  I've found both OPI and Zoya to be two of the better quality nail polishes that actually stay on for longer. Plus, they have amazing colours in their ranges. 

Lip Balm Is A Must

Lip Smacker Skittles Party Pack, 8 count
Lip Smacker Skittles Party Pack, 8 count

Skittled flavoured lip balms that moisturise.


Lip Balm

No one likes to have or look at chapped, dry lips, It's unattractive and it feels sore. Carrying a lip balm is a must to keep your lips in tip top kissable condiiton.

This is one beauty item that's so cheap but effective. There's really no excuse to have anything but gorgeous lips. You don't even need to be carrying a bag to carry a lip balm, one in a pocket will help you out in times of need! 

Personally, I love the flavoured kinds, and there's a lot out there to choose from.

Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Tropical 6.7 Fl Ounce
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Tropical 6.7 Fl Ounce

This is the one I have been using for years, highly recommended. It smells delicious too.


Dry Shampoo

I always have to have a can of dry shampoo in the apartment, my hair couldn't be without it. Dry shampoo is such a quick fix if you haven't had enough time to wash your hair, it dries up any greasiness, makes the hair look full and smells wonderful. It's bascially what it says on the tin, dry shampoo and you will look as though you have just washed your hair when you use it.

A top tip when using dry shampoo is to make sure that you massage it in well or else you could end up looking more like you have dandruff than freshly washed hair! It's really simple to use though, spray through the hair, massage into the scalp and brush through. Fresh clean hair in 2 minutes.

Another great use for dry shampoo is if you have been around smokers, it completly refreshes the hair from any stale smells.

TipToes (Party Feet)

I have had nights when I have been in agony, not pain, but agony because of my choice of shoes. I love high heels, in particular, stilettos. But they don't love my feet, they torture them.

One of the worst effects from wearing heels are blisters on the balls of the feet from where the shoes have been slipping. Not good, as it takes days for the blisters to heel, ensuring that you're in pain and walking weirdly until they do. I hate what heels do to my feet but I love wearing them, when I first discovered tip toes I didn't know if they would work, but I figured anything was worth trying for a bit more comfort when wearing heels.

They do work! Not only do they stop the feet from slipping and creating blisters, but they cushion the ball of the foot so that wearing heels for an extended period of time is no longer as painful as it once was.


Everyone needs a good concealer. Even if you have perfect skin, you may suffer from a break out once in a while and a concealer will do the trick of covering any blemishes or spots fast.

Dark eyes, spider veins, redness, a good concealer will cover them all. You don't even need to use foundation if you have a good concealer. A great use is for when you're in a hurry and don't have time to apply foundation, concealer can cover a multitude of sins in seconds.

There are so many concealers on the market to choose from, but I always think that it's best to invest in one that comes with a few shades. That way it doesn't matter if you tan (fake or otherwise), you can blend the shades to match your current skin tone.


A Good Hairbrush

A good hairbrush is a must, especially if you have long hair. My hair has been put through so much over the years, especially from hair dyes, but it still looks great and I believe a large factor in this has been the type of hairbrush that I use.

Since birth I have had a Mason and Pearson hairbrush and I honesty would not use anything else on my hair when it's dry.

"The Mason Pearson Hairbrush cleans the hair, stimulates the scalp increasing the blood flow to the hair roots. A natural conditioning oil - sebum - comes from the hair giving it strength, suppleness and producing a healthy sheen."

And that's exactly what it does. It massages the scalp when you brush your hair and it feels amazing. Your hair looks healthy and with a great shine when you use these brushes.

Admittedly, they are expensive and you may not expect to pay quite so much for something as simple as a hairbrush, but it is an investment worth making because they can last for a lifetime if looked after properly.

The only other type I hairbrush that I use is a paddle brush, which is a must for brushing through wet hair. It prevents breakage, de-tangles the hair and leaves it wonderfully smooth.


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