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Ways to expand your online presence

Updated on August 16, 2014

Selling yourself, business, or brand

Whether you are an owner of a business or are in the process of trying to start a business, maybe you are a stay at home parent trying to earn a little extra money online, or maybe you just want to promote yourself to get more people to be interested in you, building an online presence, online identity, or brand is a worthwhile endeavor in your path to success. Building a presence within the online community is just essentially selling or marketing yourself, idea, product, or business to anyone with internet access and time to read about you! Shouldn't be too hard right!?

Tips for building a successful online presence

  1. Website - Making sure your website has a professional appearance will go a long way in creating a reputable presence online. Just like in real world interactions, you have merely seconds to capture the attention of a person. If you don't capture the attention of a visitor to your website instantly they will move on to another site. Another important aspect of a website is that it has to be user friendly. If your site is hard to navigate visitors are much more likely to leave the site and not return.
  2. Original/Quality Content - Writing original content is probably one of the most important aspects of building an online presence, branding, or marketing. Quality content should be a standard practice in building a strong online presence. From a website to a simple comment that you make should be well written content. A sloppy website with multiple misspellings and misinformation will result in fewer return visitors or customers.
  3. Social media - Probably the most expediant ways to get "noticed" or to spread your online presence if you already have one is through social media. And is probably one of the most important ways to start to build a presence online. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are some of the more popular social networks, and if you are considering establishing an online presence the three best to get started with. If you own a business, have a website, or write a blog you should definitely be using the benefits social media offers.
  4. Blogging - Is a great way to keep readers engaged with you, your company, or brand. It allows for the personal views of the individual writer or company. How often you blog is going to be different for every person or company, however should be done consistenly enough because it is a great way to get visitors to your blog to interact. That keeps them coming back and staying longer with more chances they click on adds or purchase products.
  5. Being involved - It is extremely important to stay involved with the online community. Replying to comments on your website or blog in a timely fashion, posting on forums, and any other ways you can find to be visible within the internet community will help spread your presence capturing more interest as you continue to engage with other people.

Areas to Get Yourself Known

Social Networking
Writing Original Content
Website Content (especially the about section of the site)
Create one on your own website

Writing Content Online

Writing original content online can be a great way to boost your online presence. Writing engaging and original content can create a following online because it shows your audience that you are knowledgeable and truly interested in what you are writing about. It is important to keep the content original, doing otherwise can make it appear as careless and half-hearted work. If you are appear to not care why should those reading care about you have to write about yourself, your business, or product. When writing original content make sure it is first of all accurate, and secondly that it is something you are passionate about so that you are willing to give your undivided attention to it.

Example of content here on Hubpages


Blogging To Build Online Following

Blogging has become a huge internet phenomenon, and if your hopes are to become the most read blog on the internet then you have your work cut out for you! But do not get discouraged if your blog is not read by as many as those that have been established for some time now.

There are many topics to blog about, so choose the right one for you. Obviously it will be easier to blog about your business if that is your intent, but if you are creating a personal blog, then chose a topic that you know a lot about or are passionate about and who knows maybe you can even make money online! Blogging does not just have to be about your business or brand, and that is the great thing about blogging. When you make posts about other topics it can bring in new followers, but make sure that the topics are at least relevant to your overall blog.

When writing content for your blog, make sure it is interesting! Keeping people coming back to read your blog will only happen if you offer something worth their time because other people's time is very important to them. Create catchy titles for new posts and make sure the content of new posts is relevant and engaging.

What is the most important aspect of building an online presence

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Search Engine Optimization

Online marketing encompasses a wide variety of topics, which many can be the content of an entire hub individually. But there is one area that you should at least be familiar with one area in online presence, and that is Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - is basically the process of making a site more visible to search engines by using techniques such as using keywords and building backlinks. One effective tool to help with SEO is to use an analytic tool to help see who is visiting your site, how they got there, what sites are linking to yours, and many other specifics that will help in optimizing your site for search engines to favor your site. Google Analytics is a great way to get information on these types of metrics.

There are also many products out there to help with SEO such as keyword programs. Most of these cost money and many have free trial versions.

Honesty and Marketing the Right Way Lead to Success


Honesty and Integrity Work Best

Remembering that your reputation can be ruined in a second is vitally important in the online community when trying to spread your online presence. Once an authoritative or widespread brand is created it is tough, if not even tougher to keep the reputation respectable, especially in the "online" world we live in. But if you and/or your brand are truly what you claim they are then you will do fine! Just make sure to get yourself out there and spread you or your brand!

Honesty and integrity also deal with the customer. When doing business online it has taken away more of the face to face business dealings, so it is even more important to have great customer service within the online community. If someone asks a question, respond quickly and appropriately. Mistakes are made when responding with promises that are not kept. If you tell someone you will take care of something then do it!

Your reputation can be damaged online as quick as it can as it can be in the real world. And, yes, people will probably say something negative about you, your business, or your brand at some point. How you handle that can either be extremely helpful to you or it can be damaging. When handling negative feedback think customer service. Be polite and make sure you explain yourself as fully as possible and make sure if you offer any remedy to the situation that you follow through in a timely manner.


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