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MaxBlogPress plugins to make money from your blog

Updated on March 9, 2012
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, One of the most popular MBP plug-ins.
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, One of the most popular MBP plug-ins.

Free and paid plugins to optimize your traffic and make more money

MaxBlogPress plugins are renowned for there quality and the value they provide. MaxBlogPress has developed many Wordpress plugins, some are free and for some of them you have to pay. Most of MBP plugins focus on increasing traffic and making more money from your blog. In this article I will list down those plugins that will help you to make money online. Free plugins alone are worth installing in your blog because they will surely increase your conversation rate and the ability to sell products. Whether you want to use the paid plugins in up to you, and it depends on your traffic level, income of your blog etc. But plugins like Ninja Affiliate can definitely save you lot of time and money.

Free MaxBlogPress plugin to make money from your blog

Below is a list of free plug-ins developed by MaxBlogPress that will help you make more money out of your blog.

Max Banner Ads - In most niches banner advertising tend to perform very well, but the problem is most blogger's are now aware of how to do it. Most people know how to add a banner in the sidebar as a widget, but many find it hard to add banners in high converting places like withing the post, above the first post and below the post. This is where a plug-in like Max Banner Ads can help you, It lets you define zones and with just a simple click lets you decide where it should appear ( above posts, below posts, within posts or as a widget ) and you don't have to do any modification in your theme. Great for blogger's who are not very familiar with coding.

MBP Strips Ad - This plug-in lets you add a stripe add at the top of your blog. You can have it as a static advertisement or something that hover at the top while scrolling down. You can add many links to it and rotate those ads so each and everyone of them gets some attention. You can customize how the ad looks like, so you have the option of making it stand out or blend with the blog. It will cost you a lot to do something like this in a traditional website and if you have a Wordpress blog you can do it for free using this plug-in.

MBP Unblockable Pop Up - As the name suggest this will let you add a pop up in your Wordpress blogs. If you are not familiar with modifying Wordpress code this was one of the harder things to do in a WP blog. This will let you easily add a pop up in your blog and it will also give you various options to control how frequently it will appear to your visitors.

Top MaxBlogPress plug-ins that you have to pay

There are two Wordpress plug-in's developed my MaxBlogPress where you have to pay to download it. They are the Ninja Affiliate and the Subscriber Magnet plug-in's. Any blogger who is using affiliate marketing to make money should download the MBP Ninja Affiliate plug-in, it is a great way to keep track of your affiliate link, to cloak affiliate links, to track affiliate links and also to change affiliate programs without changing code everywhere in the blog. It can also be used to improve internal linking and to add affiliate links to old posts etc.

The other paid plug-in by MBP is the subscribe magnet. This plug-in allows you to easily add e-mail opt-in forms anywhere in your blog. You can add it above comments, as a advertisement that hovers at the top or the bottom while scrolling, as a pop up that appears when someone visits for the first time etc. If you are looking to build a mailing list then this is plug-in that is sure to increase your conversion rate and as with most MaxBlogPress plug-in's you have to do very little modification in your theme.


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