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UK Payday Loans

Updated on June 10, 2011

Warning – Are Payday Loans As Good As You Think They Are?

Have you ever heard the saying that there is too much month left at the end of the money?

Anyone who has ever found it difficult to make their wages or earnings last right through until the next pay day will know exactly what I mean! You start the month with a set amount of money, and by the time your bills and essentials are paid for you only have a small amount left. And it’s not always easy to make that last when you need to buy so many other things with it.

It’s no wonder we all wish for a payday loan from time to time. We look to the heavens and pray for a small windfall to see us through until the next payday, or perhaps a lottery win we didn’t expect!

It hardly ever happens though does it? Which means it is worth finding out more about payday loans and what they are.

So what is a payday loan?

The idea at play here is simple. Have you ever asked someone if they could lend you some money until pay day? Most of us have – and the exact same principle works for UK payday loans too. The only difference is that you are going to a company instead of to a friend or relative to ask for the money you need - in the form of a UK payday loan.

But do these pay day loans really work?

If you are responsible with money and you really do need the cash to tide you over, then yes they are a great way to help you through a tough period.

Lots of people manage their money but don’t have much in the way of savings. Normally they can plan their finances quite well, but they get stuck if an unexpected bill comes in and they aren’t prepared for it. What would you do if your car broke down and you had to find a couple of hundred pounds to get it repaired?

Would you opt for a much longer journey to work on public transport until you could get it fixed? You’d still be paying to keep the car taxed and insured for all that time until you could afford to get the money together.

But a UK payday loan would get you the money you need without you having to wait until your actual pay day. Some companies (e.g. Cash Converters) will basically give you some of your wages in advance, provided you can prove who you are and you can write a cheque out to them for the money you need.

They will then cash that cheque after you next get paid.

Can a payday loan really get you out of trouble?

It’s obvious that you still need to be responsible with your money here. If you use the service every single month then you might want to take a look at how you are managing your money overall.

But as an occasional service that can provide you with an essential bit of breathing space to solve problems and tide you over, this kind of loan is an excellent way to get yourself settled financially again.

If you want to read more about one company that provides this kind of service, you can do so by visiting Cash Converters. They also provide a UK cheque cashing service.

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    • profile image

      opinion duck 8 years ago

      whether a payday loan makes sense, would depend on how much vig goes with the loan.

      These loans cannot be made regularly because you will always be behind and getting further behind every loan. Credit cards that are not paid off every month have the same charm as the payday loan.

      With credit cards, the gimmick was to pay just the minimum every month. Pretty soon you are paying interest on the interest and your balance increases out of sight.

      Great business model for the people giving the loan or the credit card company, the ones getting the loan or using the credit card are not doing so well.

    • Pete Maida profile image

      Pete Maida 8 years ago

      We have them in the US also and they are a nightmare. Here they charge huge interest. We also have car title loans that people sign over their car for quick bucks. These loans are designed to prey on people in a tough spot. Generally people in that position need more than a pay cycle to get out of it and these loans make their situation worse.