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Plan Your Old Age in Style

Updated on November 28, 2016

It's Not the Age, it's the Mileage

How would it feel if someone tells you that 60 is the new 20? To further reiterate this point, did you know that on February 2013, a man named Faujah Singh successfully completed a 6.25 kilometer marathon race in Hong Kong at the age of 101?

Min Bahadur Sherchan has his name included in the Guinness Book of World Record for climbing Mt. Everest at the age of 76!

In 2011, a 97-year-old American woman named Ida Keeling set a world record in her age group for the fastest 60-meter sprint (29.86 seconds) held in Manhattan, New York City. Moreover, on April 2016, Ida set another yet another world record by becoming the first woman in history to complete a 100-meter race at the age of 100, according to an article published in the New York Times.

These inspiring stories simply tell us one thing – age is just a number! You can retire from work, not from life. If meticulous retirement planning is done, where you allocate a part of your savings over a certain period of time, there will be steady flow of cash even after you have retired from your

professional life.

Enjoy Your Golden Years

"I have reached an age when, if someone tells me to wear socks, I don't have to." ~ Albert Einstein

Einstein surely had his witty one-liners in place! Who said that only young people can go wild? Owing to the tremendous experience they have garnered over the years, people over 60 are much more capable to enjoy themselves as compared to young people. Yes, we are not comparing the physical strength, but mental capacity and overall determination.

Talking about mental capacity, an article published in HealthGuidance states that old age is basically of two types – one is concerned with the physical part while the other is concerned with the mental state.

The physical aging is not under our control, but the mental aging sure is! Did you know that a large number of cancer patients overcame the life-threatening disease by just keeping a positive and boisterous attitude?

Retirement Planning

Since we all know that savings get washed away in a wink of an eye due to rising inflation, opting for a suitable retirement plan will prove wonders in the long run. You can also use a retirement plan calculator to choose the most suitable plan. When you invest in these types plans, which are specially designed to secure your future post retirement, the amount accumulates gradually because of the compounding effect, say experts at Birla Sun Life Insurance.

Apart from ensuring financial security post retirement, you should passionately chalk out a bucket list for yourself – like the places you always wanted to travel, but couldn't do so because of your professional engagements, taking up a hobby like painting, or maybe buying a farmhouse away from the bustling urbanism of the city.

Start by making a list of all the movies you want to watch, including the ones you have already seen and don't mind watching them again. Movies are a great source of refreshment and entertainment! So don't hesitate to go on a movie marathon with our most beloved, butter popcorn!

You can also plan an impromptu backpacking trip through the Himalayas with your family and friends. Just by witnessing the alpine lakes and dense green forests, you can pump in some fresh oxygen, which is otherwise lacking in metropolitan cities.

So, do remember that age is just a state of mind. If you are filled with vibrancy and positivity, there is not a single force which can stop you from having fun in your golden years.


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