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Prepaid Credit Cards Product Review

Updated on July 12, 2009

The prepaid credit card was introduced during the 1990’s. It was created to enable people who could not qualify for a regular credit or debit card from the banks and financial institutions to be able to access their funds electronically.

Nowadays it is not only people who can not get regular credit cards who reap the benefits from these types of cards.

People choose to get prepaid credit cards for several reasons. These include lack of credit history, or because they would like to use the card to take on vacation instead of taking cumbersome travellers checks.

A lot of people are a little nervous about using credit cards to pay for things online so they prefer the option of a completely separate card like this preloaded alternative.

Whatever the reason, you can find a prepaid credit card that is suitable for your needs. Here is a selection that you could choose from.

Visa Prepaid Credit Cards

Visa offers a wide range of prepaid credit cards to suit your specific need. They can be used in thousand of outlets all around the world and you are protected if the card gets stolen or if unauthorized purchases are made.

Prepaid credit cards available from Visa, Maestro and MasterCard
Prepaid credit cards available from Visa, Maestro and MasterCard

You can get the following type of cards:

Visa Reloadable - accepted wherever visa is accepted, can be used to make payments instore, online, and by phone with ease.

Visa Travelmoney – the alternative to taking travellers checks with the convenience of a credit card.

Visa Buxx – the perfect prepaid card to give to your child.

Benefits include the fact that these cards are widely accepted in stores and they can give young people financial responsibility. Parents are able to monitor spending.

MasterCard Prepaid Credit Cards

Cashplus Prepaid Gold MasterCard

Just like a pay as you go phone, the cashplus card can be topped up whenever you need to. It is accepted anywhere that takes MasterCard and can be used to withdraw cash from ATM's at home and away. It is safe and secure to use to make payments online, by phone and or mail order.

Maestro Prepaid Credit Cards

White Eagle Prepaid Card

This card can be used wherever you see the maestro sign. You can top it up like a mobile phone. You can add funds from your wages or go along to any store that has the PayPoint sign and logo.

You can take a look at the different cards that each financial institution offers. Each one will have their advantages and disadvantages so be sure to compare and contrast before you make your final decision.

Look at any charges that may be applied. Some cards will charge you to top up your funds and others may charge you when you use the card abroad. As long as you do some homework, you can be assured of getting the right card for you.


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