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RV Dreaming Take 2!

Updated on June 19, 2016

Let the destruction begin!

This is part 2 of my RV Dreaming blog. In this part I will get into the details of what I have accomplished and the obstacles I have come across thus far in my RV renovations.

As I was dreaming of how I wanted to make over my soon to be new home, I wanted to be smart about it as well. So yet again I'm back on Pinterest, reading up on everything I can about Full time RV living. Some things vary, like "to paint or not paint". Most people said DON'T DO IT! to me, I see that as a challenge, one I am learning a few things about as we speak. Since I was planning on painting that cheapo wood looking stuff...I wanted or in my case NEEDED to do it as cheaply and quickly as possible. This meant I needed to get more bang for my buck and reduce my time spent on the transformation. I read this article that recommended Perma-White Mold and Mildew Proof Interior Paint. No sanding, easy to clean, and with the humidity issue every article I read talked about, no worry about that either. I bought the semi gloss mostly because it was approximately $13.00 less a can and I wasn't going to have to run around looking for eggshell finish, because the theme I seem to be running into is "time" or the lack there of...

Glimpse at the bedroom before any primer
Glimpse at the bedroom before any primer
Bathroom door/hall before
Bathroom door/hall before
Kitchen with a semi view of the back bedroom with the primer on it.
Kitchen with a semi view of the back bedroom with the primer on it.

Some before and during shots

Since I was using it as a primer for my bedroom I only needed a coat or two, but the rest of the RV was going to be white, and with dogs, kids and the lack of RV living experience we have, semi gloss seemed to be a good solution to any potential cleaning issues. I chose to go with Barn Wood Plank by Sherman Williams for the final color on all the exterior cabinets in what is to be my bedroom. The pictures above is a sneak peek of what the bedroom cabinets, bathroom door and hall and the kitchen look like as I was prepping for the Perma-White paint. In the picture of the kitchen, if you direct your eyes to the back room, that is what the Perma-White looks like and how it is super bright in the back room.

Never said it wasn't fine...

As you can see by some of the before pictures, there is nothing horribly wrong with the RV....never said there was....HOWEVER....I knew that if I didn't get the chance to update it now, while I have the funding and private space to do it, it was never going to get done. Please don't forget about the concern about my "barkers". I would hate for them to be so annoying to what are going to be our very close camper neighbors, who I am only assuming, have dogs of their own, that we are asked to leave. Where we are looking to stay there are several camping locations. The issue is, most only allow a few weeks at a time. I am really not trying to move around every couple of weeks. I am adventurous but that feels more stressful than I am willing to take on, and if they annoy one camp ground, most likely they are going to annoy all of the parks. Not to mention, there is the winter time that is unfortunately inevitable. I've read all types of articles and watched You Tube videos on not winterizing your RV, and what people have done for a "quick/cheap" fix.......(I'm shaking my head at the thought).....I am again trying to find a solution so that I can avoid cheap fixes and make the RV not look like a bad B movie.

My plan B is to reward my dogs when they don't bark at leaves flying by and other annoying dogs, in hopes that you can teach old dogs new tricks. I will also be praying for a warm winter....stay tuned to find out how that works out.


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