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Real estate Terms : Brief Discussion

Updated on February 5, 2014

London Office Space for Rent - Flexible Offices near Warren Street

office for rent

Many businesses do not have own land and building for office. So, they have to rent an office to administrate their works and services.

office space to rent

Some businesses rent space for building their own offices. They do not like to use ready made building. They design and plan their building for office as per their own .

office space to let

Some rich people have their building or space to make new building to let. They do not have own office, so, they look for others to rent building for their office.

virtual offices

Virtual offices are those that have not any existence in reality, but they have activities like other offices.

investment properties

Investment properties are those where investment are made. This term is important for banks or other financial institutes .

Property Investment Advice - Creating Positive Cash Flow

property investments

Investment on properties. The real estate companies and other individuals invest huge money on properties to develop , process, building and sale of apartments afterwards. This business is very profitable now a days. Most of the rich people or companies in the word are engaged in property investments.

virtual offices : Office of the Future

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