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Resort Living on a Budget

Updated on June 27, 2012

Resort Condo

Inside condo at Kiawah Island Resort
Inside condo at Kiawah Island Resort | Source

How to Get it Done

Are you on a pension or tight budget and looking for someplace to get away? Plan an off-season vacation. First pick your destination. Then go on-line and find rentals in the area. Plan early so that your time won’t already be taken.

I planned this winter last May. I decided I wanted to do South Carolina. So I found rentals in South Carolina on the Internet. I was armed with my atlas and the Internet. I found several places that had condos that slept six or eight. I am just one person so didn’t want that big. I kept looking. It took me the better part of a week.

I settled on a one bedroom condo that would sleep four. I was afraid that it might be out of my price range but sent an e-mail anyway. I got an e-mail back from the owners. They told me about the area and the condo. I sent a small deposit and then paid them half of what we’d agreed upon in July and the other half in December. I had booked the condo for three and a half months.

On getting here I learned that things in a resort are very expensive. It took me a month to find my way around. I advise having a Sam’s or Costco card. Barring that get a card at the local grocery store to get all their discounts. (Here that is either Piggly-Wiggly or Publix). Bulk buy as many items that you can.

Plan to eat in. Going out to eat costs lots of money. I’ve learned on the resort that meals for one start at $50 and run as high as $75. That’s not budget living. I can make a meal for way less than $50. Most people I know can.

See the sites. It’s $21 a person for a carriage ride in Charleston. You get an hour and a half guided tour. Take your camera. The trolley ride in Savannah is about the same. Use your AARP card it will get you a discount. Use your AAA card if you have one. Those discounts add up. Visit any place that is free. The shops on Market Street in Charleston, the Charleston Tea Plantation are free and great places. (It is $10 to take the trolley tour there, but worth every minute).

If you golf that is available here at a price. There are ten golf courses. Summer will see a large pro-golf tournament here. There is a nature center here. A group even went out tagging birds. The resort offers a craft shop where you can paint ceramics, wood burn, glass fuse and other things. It’s a bit pricy, but build it in. The resort offers things to do, but always at a price. I have happened into a wine walk, and a boat show just off the island at Freshfields Village. I have learned there are many free things going on. You just need to look for them.

The beach has been worth everything. It is ten yards from the condo to the beach. I spend every day on the beach weather permitting. It never seems crowded. There are ten miles of beach and I have walked probably five or six of them. Finding shells and other sea life washed ashore has been fascinating.

So pick your spot. Go off season. Plan ahead. Buy in bulk. Take lots of photos and have a wonderful time.


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    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      Budget vacations are always the best. Sometimes finding the deals make the best memories. We went to the Bahamas off season. It was great because it was like having the beach to ourselves!

    • Healthy Pursuits profile image

      Karla Iverson 5 years ago from Oregon

      Welcome to HP! And a great hub to begin your writing adventure here.