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Rust Consulting Inc - Class Action Settlement Administration - Review

Updated on January 6, 2011

Rust Consulting Inc.

This company specializes in class action lawsuit settlement administration and provides client services in many practice areas. They provide dedicated client service teams to maximize customer satisfaction. Part of their specialized expertise comes from their ability to administrate and to provide systems and expertise in complex areas such as award distributions, claims processing, class data management, call center and legal notification. From their official website you can get complete details of their experience and capabilities. Some of the highlights are that they have provided claims administration services on more than 2,500 class action lawsuit settlements. From these they have overseen the distribution of billions of dollars to case award participants.

They have administrator business locations in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, Minnesota, Florida and California. The practice areas and administration categories they specialize in include finance, antitrust, consumer, insurance, property, health care, employment, labor, public sector, securities, securities and exchange commission and telecom. Some of the additional services they provide include pre-settlement consultation, client services, distribution and tax reporting. Website Information

If and when you are planning class action settlement arrangements and provisions, the consulting website has some FAQs that may help answer some of the questions you may have. Some of the questions they have answered from their site includes:

• how can i anticipate claims filing rates
• is email notice a viable option for class action settlement
• do I need to take claims filing services into account
• can you help manage CAFA requirements
• class members financial information private and secure?

Russ Consulting, Inc.
625 Marquette Avenue, Suite 880
Minneapolis, MN 55402


Some of their competition companies include:
• Garden City Group -
• Class Action Administration Inc. (CAA) -
• The Notice Company -

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