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Class Action Lawsuits and Litigation

Updated on February 23, 2012

Class Action Lawsuits

In this type of litigation, a large group of people join together in a common claim or lawsuit against another group or company, with some type of complaint or claim of negligence. The intent in most of the class-action suits is to win the lawsuit claim, get a judgement in court and to be awarded monetary compensation and benefits for loss or injuries received as a result of the reason for the claim. The court award would then be divided among the group of plaintiffs. The litigation timeline can be rather lengthy in many of these cases, so patience is important.

Litigations from large groups of people seems to be more popular and frequent, and you may already be part of a lawsuit case and not be aware of it yet. Some of the law suits may be just and others maybe not. But either way, we see more and more large scale classaction lawsuits. These law suits, cases and claims can be filed in various areas of concern such as shareholder class actions, securities, credit cardholder class actions, insurance, healthcare, telecom, antitrust, finance, property, overtime, labor, employment discrimination and consumer issues.

Class Action Lawsuits


Class Action Lawsuits and Litigation

These types of law suits and court trials happen in every state and in many different claim categories. Many people join a class action, usually by not excluding themselves from the settlement award. But many, do not realize that they may already qualify for their share of a claim or award in different court cases. You may receive communications in the mail that gives a written account of everything pertaining to that particular case or judgement. It is up to the consumer, in many cases, to not opt-out, or not to exclude themselves if they would like to participate in the class action lawsuit compensation, benefit or award. Also, even when you receive these notifications in the mail, many people do not understand what their rights and responsibilities are in regards to that case. Discussing your legal rights and responsibilities with a lawyer or attorney is a prudent way to better understand what you should do. There are many lawyer and attorney firms that specialize in class action cases and actively seek people who may have suffered similar injury or claims as the other clients that they represent.

Sometimes since their can be so many plaintiffs that are spread out across many states the courts may choose to establish or proceed with the case initially as an MDL case. MDL ,stands for multidistrict litigation, and can be utilized by the courts to have a common point for discovery in large multi-plaintiff and class action legal cases.

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