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Updated on August 7, 2013

Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

How can you easily lower your cost of living? Well, one easy simple way you can lower your daily living expenses is to take action to lower your monthly electricity bill. You can easily rearrange electrical wires and create new habits to help yourself save hundreds of dollars a year on your electrical bill.

While watching the local news one evening, one of the topics spoke about how to save money on your electric bill. Of course the topic got my attention and after watching the segment I learned how easy it would be to save $100's of dollars a year making a few simple easy adjustments.

The first suggestion was to plug electrical equipment into a surge protector and turn off the surge protector when leaving the house for the entire day or going on short and long vacations. I already had two surge protectors in my closet that I was not using so of cause I grabbed them to use. Both surge protectors had six plugs (socket spots) on it. At the end of the surge protector there is a large switch to turn the power completely off and back on when needed. I spared about an hour one afternoon to rearrange my appliances and plugged all of them into a surge protector. After rearranging the electrical equipment I made sure that I could easily reach the surge protector to easily reach the switch without needing to move any appliances around. My entertainment center was organized looking good.

After I rearranged my entertainment center, I started to turn off the surge protector when I left the house for the day. Most of the time when I leave for the day I'm out of the house for at least eight hours four days a week for work. At least once a week I'm out of the house for the day just because I'm out and about. Wow, the next month when I received my electric bill I noticed my electric bill was $13.00 lower than usual. I continued to turn the surge protector off the entire following month and noticed my electric bill was $27.00 lower. Can you see how making a few easy simple changes can save you money on your electric bill?

Because I started to see a significant decrease in my electricity bill, I decided to replace my light-bulbs. I bought Energy Saver light-bulbs and inserted them into my lamps. Wow, when I received my next electric bill I saw a savings of just over $30.00. Energy Saving light-bulbs are more expensive compared to buying dollar store light-bulbs but the light-bulbs have a much longer life expectancy and they use less electricity. They pay for themselves quickly.

I took the time to rearrange my appliances and electrical wires to plug into a surge protector, I took the time to switch to Energy Saving light-bulbs and I created a habit of turning off the surge protector when leaving the house five days a week saves me hundreds of dollars a year. Small changes do make a significant difference. I save at least $350.00 a year.

At the start of 2013 I updated and replaced old electrical equipment.  This is how my entertainment center looks now.  Empty, simple and neat.
At the start of 2013 I updated and replaced old electrical equipment. This is how my entertainment center looks now. Empty, simple and neat. | Source

Old Appliances Use Lots Of Electricity

Do you realize electrical equipment uses electricity when they are turned off or not being used? When electrical equipment is turned off power continues to be used. If you leave your computer plugged in or on idle using screen saver it uses electricity and when you leave a microwave plugged into an electrical socket it still using electricity. Computers use a ton of energy. Your VCR, DVD, CD Players and TVs use energy even when they are turned off too. I recently updated and replaced my old huge stereo system that had three components with a smaller simpler stereo system, I disconnected my VCR and only have a DVR plugged in and replaced my huge old television set with a 32-inch VIZIO High-Definition television set. Updating old dated electrical equipment helped to decrease my electric bill too. Many small changes add up to huge savings.

I hope my experience saving money on my electric bill helps you to save money too on your electric bill. Setting time aside one day to rearrange electrical equipment to plug most devices into a surge protector, switching light-bulbs and updating old equipment can save you a lot of money for years to come. Think about it, spare one whole day rearranging, cleaning and replacing old equipment puts money back in your pocket.

Do you use surge protectors to conserve energy?

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Do you unplug your microwave when not using it?

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Do you use Energy Saver light-bulbs?

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    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 4 years ago from New York

      Rock NJ saving $20-30 each month is a huge savings. Good for you.

    • Rock_nj profile image

      John Coviello 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Good advice! When we moved into our house 3 years ago, we had electric bills that peaked at $120 during the high usage months in summer and winter. I replaced every incandescent light bulb I could practically replace with a CFL, and what a difference that has made. We haven't gone over $100 on any electrical bill since then. I'd say on average, we are saving $20 to $30 per month on our electric bill.

    • HollywoodRasta profile image

      HollywoodRasta 8 years ago from Hollywood

      Thanks for the reminder. I saw it on TV as well and after reading your hub I just made myself a note to start saving energy tomorrow.