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Tips To Saving Money

Updated on March 19, 2015

Simple Ways To Save Money

Life can be busy and finding the time to regroup and adjust to save money can seem like an unrealistic task but working harder to pay rising prices can run a person into the ground. When life becomes financially overwhelming we must stop, take a deep breath then decide what plan of action must be had to fix what isn't working anymore. You can lower daily expenses by making changes that will put you in a better financial position over time.

By researching online and listening to friends and family share their money saving tips, I've taught myself how to get more for spending less. I cut down my daily living expenses by thousands of dollars a year. I made the changes, I adjusted and now get more for spending less.

Save Money Daily

Instead of making huge drastic changes to your lifestyle, start by making small changes. Over time small changes can add up to a lot. When you adjust to a few small changes making more small changes becomes easier over time.

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Free Printable Grocery Internet coupons! Click on the manufacturer coupons below and hit print! It's Easy. Access hundreds of grocery Internet coupons updated daily, 24-7. Transferable eCoupons too... | Source

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Save Money With Coupons

If you never used coupons to grocery shop then get use to using them. You don't need to spend hours a month clipping coupons out of the newspaper anymore. Browsing and clipping coupons out of the newspaper is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With the use of modern technology, you can sign into a grocery store website to transfer digital coupons to your store cards, use SavingStar to transfer eCoupons to your grocery store saving cards and you can visit to print free Internet coupons. All three options of saving money with coupons only take a few minutes of your time. Print Internet coupons on your time schedule or electronically transfer eCoupons to your grocery store saving cards.

Lower Monthly Bills Using New Technology

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Money Saving Ideas

Here is a list of simple ideas that you can easily adjust to. Small steps add up to a lot.

  • Make coffee or tea at home to go. You save TIME and MONEY.
  • Stock up on grab & go breakfast food. Throw it in your bag or pocket and eat it on the way to work. Fuel yourself. Save TIME and MONEY.
  • Brown bag your lunch. Of course you save money, give yourself more time to eat lunch and eat more healthier too.
  • Pack your purse/bag, briefcase or car up with tissues, wet-wipes, over the counter medication like rolaides, aspirin, allergy and sinus pills or items you use throughout your day. This might sound odd but having these items on hand all the time makes life easier and you save money. Get organized, stay stocked and you will spend less over time.
  • If at the office all day bring instant coffee and tea bags. Most offices have designated lunch spots with a coffee machine that brews hot water. You can bring Lipton soup packages, soup in a cup, oatmeal packs and the like. Simple steps that only require an adjustment but saves a lot of money each week and you don't feel like you are depriving yourself of the little things.

These money saving ideas are small but over time will save you money each day, week and month. I bet if you followed the Money Saving Ideas above, you would probably save at least $25.00 a week and gain more time throughout each day.


More Ways To Save Money

Spare the time to regroup a few times a year to make daily life easier and will help you save money every day.

Twice a year I stock up on individual packs of tissues and wet-wipes. Instead of buying them from a convenient store for a $1.09 and up for just one package, buy items on sale when shopping or from a dollar store and stock up. There are many times I find name brand packs of tissues on sale for about a $1.00 from a dollar store. I'll buy two or three packages on sale and I'm good to go. The same goes for wet-wipes. I'll either get them on sale and stock up or I'll buy in bulk and split the package into snack zip-lock bags.

Recycle Without The Hassle

Instead of throwing away grocery store bags, gift bags or take-out containers, save them for future use.

I use department store bags and grocery store bags for light daily garbage all the time. I rarely buy small garbage bags because I always have them on hand.

Gift Bags

I reuse gift bags all the time too. As long as they look crisp and new, I'll reuse them to wrap up the next gift I give on my list. Again, most of the time I have gift bags on hand. I do the same thing with tissue paper. If tissue paper is worth saving, I store it in a ziplock bag for future use and most of the time I have tissue paper on hand when needed.

Take-out containers. I use to throw them away but now I reuse them at least once. Take-out containers pile up fast so why not use them for lunchs or when packing food for the beach or pool days. Use them once then throw them away. The same goes for plastic utensils. When you get home you have less to unpack and have less to clean up.

Cleaning Supplies

Saving money on cleaning supplies is easy. Stock up when your favorite brands are on sale and use a coupon, Internet coupon or eCoupon.

These are two actions I do twice a year and so worth doing. If you can not pass down old clothing, cut them into rags. Rags always come in handy and it takes about ten minutes to cut up old clothes into rags.

Do Brillo or S.O.S pads rust on the side of your sink? Again, buy on sale, buy more than one and cut them in half or in quarters. I never use a whole Brillo or S.O.S pad in one shot. I cut them into pieces and store them in a ziplock bag.

Save Money On Popcorn

I love this. I save so much money microwaving my popcorn this way. Instead of buying prepackaged popcorn, consider making popcorn like this.

Buy a 2 lb. bag of popcorn and one package of lunch size brown paper bags, pour 1/3 cup of kernels into a bag and microwave for about two minutes. The popcorn cooks up light and fluffy and instead of spending about $2.79 on a box of four microwave prepackaged popcorn, you will get about twenty-five bags of delicious hot popcorn. Microwaving popcorn this way is healthier too. There are no chemicals used when using brown paper bags. Prepackaged microwave popcorn has a lot of chemicals in each popcorn package.


Save $350.00 a Year

With technology changing the standard way of making phone calls, consumers can lower their land-line phone bill by hundreds of dollars a year.

People who have a cell-phone, a smart-phone or an iPhone can make phone calls, text, post to Social Networks, Skype, and do Face-to-Face. There are many different ways a person can touch base if need to be. With the many options technology has developed, paying hundreds of dollars a year to keep a land-line phone is not needed the way it use to be.

If you don't want to cut the ties completely from having a land-line phone, you might want to try out the Magic Jack Plus. I love it. I have a cell-phone, a desktop computer, an iPod and an iPad. I don't need to rely only on a land-line phone to connect anymore but I did not want to rely only on my cell-phone and gadgets. I rid my landline phone company and made the switch to Magic Jack Plus. I can also make a phone call using my mobile device with the Magic Jack Plus App.

Switching to the Magic Jack Plus saves me about $350.00 a year.

Cut The Cable Cord - Save Hundreds Of Dollars A Year

Changing my television habits was not easy BUT I was tired of paying rising cable prices just to watch about ten hours of TV a week. I decided to cut the cable cord. I now stream a lot of my television shows from the Internet and I bought a Roku television device.

I pay $59.95 a month for my ISP (Internet Service Provider) and I use it to browse the Internet with my computer, I make phone calls via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) using a Magic Jack Plus, and I use the Internet to stream television shows with the help of an HDMI cable (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) that connects my TV to my computer. It took me a couple of months to adjust to using modern technology. The options are available if you are serious about lowering your monthly bills.

Hooking Up My New Roku TV Device - I Save $100's a Year

Free Live TV

Money Saving Tips

Until Next Time

I enjoy sharing how I cut my daily living expense by thousands of dollars a year. In 2010 I had a gut feeling that the economy was going to continue to crash and prices would continue to rise. I followed that gut feeling and put a plan of action into place.

With new technology evolving daily, staying on top of it can help you save a lot of money while helping your daily routine run more smoothly.

If you have a money saving tip, please post it in the comment section.

© 2013 Michelle Cesare


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