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Money Saving Ideas for Family Fun

Updated on August 27, 2013

No money - no problem

Saving money on family entertainment is not impossible. There are many ways to save money on fun things to do for all ages.

Money is tight for families everywhere. People are out of work. School fees are endless. Utilities keep going up at an alarming rate. Let's not even mention gas prices that go up every single day.

Can you even afford to be entertained and have a little fun? Yes, you can and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Everyone needs a little fun in life. It's better for your physical and mental health!

10 Creative Ideas for Family Fun on a Budget

1 ~ RedBox Movie or Video Game Rentals - This innovative concept is in the form of a vending machine. DVD or Blue Ray movie rental choices or a variety of video games in different formats from a particular RedBox machine are listed on its computer screen. Each rental costs $1.20 plus tax per day ($1.32 where we live). Their website allows you to reserve rentals from a particular machine or kiosk, as well.

2 ~ Many local libraries offer free or very inexpensive movie rentals, too. The disadvantage here is that the movies are not as current. Some locations may also have VHS movies in stock.

3 ~ Have a family game night. Take out those board games that have been sitting in the closet gathering dust. Have a weekly tournament. Games are excellent teaching tools for children. They learn to take turns, strategic planning, friendly competition, that everyone makes mistakes, etc. Card games are also great. Invent your own games! Our family enjoys checkers and Yahtzee!

4 ~ Assemble a jigsaw puzzle as a family. Ideally, it can remain set up in one room and be left out until complete. Obviously, the difficulty of the puzzle should be correlational to the youngest member of the family so that all can participate. Take a picture of the puzzle after ceremonially placing the last piece, print the photo and document the start and end dates on the back.

5 ~ Is there a movie just out at the theatre that you can't wait for the RedBox version? Go to the matinee. Shows before a specified time have reduced rate tickets.

6 ~ Play in the yard. Tag, badminton, corn hole games, horseshoes, baseball, football, soccer, etc., can involve the whole family. Get some exercise and have fun together.

7 ~ Hold a dance party. Move the furniture in the living room out of the way, put on some upbeat music and dance away. Make up new dance moves. Who cares how silly you look? It's only family.

8 ~ Invite friends over for potluck meal. You can provide drinks and paper products and each family/guest brings an appetizer. Socialize without spending a fortune.

9 ~ Instead of going out for dinner, go to lunch at your favorite restaurant. The prices will be considerably cheaper. Many restaurants also have coupons online that can be printed for use. Or, if you do go out to dinner, order off the appetizer menu or two people split an entree. My best idea for saving money when eating out is to order water to drink. Often, a soft drink or even iced tea is $3.00. If a family of four drinks water, you save $12.00!

10 ~ Play an old-fashioned game of charades. Laughing is good for the soul.

These are just a few of the innumerable ways to save money on family entertainment and they won't be budget-breakers!


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