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How to save money - Becoming a safer driver

Updated on November 6, 2011
Let's go for a ride!
Let's go for a ride! | Source

Drive defensively now. Save money.

Driving defensively is what we all need to do to - starting right now - to increase our safety on the road.

Not only can you prevent accidents, but you will save money and I will show you how.

Pay attention folks!

Car safety

Some of us need to slow down in our lives, especially when operating a motor vehicle. Is it worth rushing to an appointment if you crash your car or SUV on the way over?

To be safer, I highly recommend you *stop* doing the following:

  • Text while driving.
  • Holding a phone to your ear while driving (2 hands on the wheel people!).
  • Reading a book while driving.
  • Applying makeup while driving.
  • Shaving while driving.
  • Turning your head to yell at your kids while driving (please pull over to yell).
  • Changing your pants (or underwear) while driving.
  • Trying to grab the runaway pen, turning your head around, and reaching in the back seat, while driving.

Saving money - Avoid silly mistakes

Have you ever been running late in the morning when trying to get ready for work? You jump in your car and race away in your car.

Here are some mistakes - when rushing while driving - that can cost you money:

  • Backing out of your driveway too fast - Clip a driver's side or passengers side mirror. Repair cost ~$50.00-$150.00.
  • Hit a mailbox - Opps, and I knew that was at the end of my driveway. Repair cost ~$150.00.
  • Lock your doors - To avoid a car thief from breaking into your car and stealing your possessions or car stereo. Repair cost ~$100.00-$500.00.
  • Remove possessions from view - You are welcoming a car thief to break in your car if your $600 iPhone is sitting on the dashboard in plain view. Replacement cost ~$100.00-$1,000.00+.

Car repairs waste money if you could have avoided the vehicle accident.
Car repairs waste money if you could have avoided the vehicle accident. | Source

Safer driving = less money on car repairs

If you pay attention on the road (and minimize your texting and talking while driving, eating fast food with one hand and driving with the other), you have a better chance of avoiding an accident.

Accident avoidance also saves you money. How? You will not need to fork over a deductible to for repairs. Based on the Car Insurance you have chosen, you deductible could be one of the following:

  • $0.00
  • $100.00
  • $250.00
  • $500.00
  • $1,000.00

Car/Auto Insurance pays for your repairs - one of the reasons it is beneficial to you. However, why pay an unnecessary expense via an insurance deductible if you can altogether avoid an accident?

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Saving money - Road safety

Here are tips to be safer on the road:

  • Defensive driving - Look around and be aware of your surroudings. You may be a great driver, but it is not your fault if someone next to you is not paying attention (can we say texting while driving) and swerves into your lane. You can swerve out of the way, and potentially avoid being hit.
  • Stop fueling road rage - Let the other angry drivers be pissed off. Just ignore them and do not fuel any rage.


Car safety references

You can search for (1) vehicle safety information, (2) check for vehicle recalls, (3) check for tire recalls - among other information - by visiting this website:

Please take the time to review this site.
Please take the time to review this site. | Source

Please vote - Car safety poll.

Have you ever gotten in an accident because you were not paying attention while on the road?

See results


In conclusion

There is no excuse for not avoiding an accident if you are texting while driving. Slow down, be safe, watch your surroundings, and turn the music down a little so you can hear an approaching ambulance.

Pull over to yell at your kids in the back seat, and try considering moving to the slow lane if someone is tailgating you - rather than continuously breaking to see if you can "piss them off".

Arrive alive. It's always a good thing.



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