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I need to save and make more money!

Updated on August 30, 2011

This is what I do, Do I have it all wrong?

With the way the economy is fluctuating day to day it’s understandable why people are scrambling to find better paying jobs, getting a better education and trying to save every penny they can. I will discuss some basic things I do to keep calm in this unstable economy and what online scams I avoid.

At work we want to make more money, get promoted and have a steady income. What we fear is getting denied a raise, getting a pay cut or possibly getting fired, especially when someone else can take our position for less pay. So what can be done? If you’re an important asset to the company and don’t have mood swings, they will do almost whatever you want. I have seen “brown nosers” get fired for having mood swings. So please, stop yelling out loud to yourself it’s annoying. Being an important asset to the company goes a long way. I have found that it’s better to prove I’m a hard worker by results than to just be the annoying voice at work that runs up to the manager and says “look what I did today!” With this in mind I should be able to keep my job until I decide to move up again.

Now that I at least don’t have to worry about getting a pay cut, I’ll look at how money can be saved. The first thing would be to consolidate my bills. It’s easier to see where I can save money if I know where it’s all getting spent. Paying the minimum on bills isn’t the way to go either, sure I’ll have more money upfront, but I’ll be living pay check to paycheck paying off the interest. Instead I’m paying off the higher interest credit cards and loans. Now that I have started to budget where your income is going, I have a better view of the money that’s left over for grocery items, leisure and emergency spending.

I have learned to never shop at the grocery store when I’m hungry. Instead I make a list and look at what items I already have so I don’t end up forgetting an item or buying something I already have. I probably should use more coupons (to get better quality store items) but I buy generic store brands and in my opinion I get the same product and save money. I save about 10%-15% without coupons and not buying food items that would just spoil. I have recently started to collect recyclables which I return at the grocery store for an additional $10 a week.

Recently I have seen so many ads about making money online, selling and buying dreams. If there really is a way to make money online, please respond. I don’t feel comfortable about MLM and selling to friends and family. I have tried eBay and drop shippers with little to no results. Although, I think I have found my niche, I buy used and broken electronics and then repair and sale them for a really good profit. I have had good results with, better than eBay in my opinion. At times I have doubled my investment; the only issue is making time. It has been more rewarding than my money market and 401k. I also recently signed up for a free online course on the Foundations of Stocks and Options, at Now that I have saved some money, I will be trying out the stock market after I complete the course.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do with your money.

Money Maker

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    • Musicmp3 profile image

      Musicmp3 5 years ago from United States

      Read my other article on selling silver on eBay, so far its been awesome extra income!

    • Musicmp3 profile image

      Musicmp3 6 years ago from United States

      I sometimes wish there was a a quick way to get rich. Some of the generic food is kind of bland, LOL. Of course thats when the government will want to finally tax the rich.

    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      I think you are smart to be cautious and keep saving all the money that you can. You seem to be taking the right steps, too, by doing things like not shopping when you are hungry!